Tuesday, May 27, 2008


'Greene was a nimble pundit. ' That's my favorite sentence in the English language so far. It appeared in a review of Graham Greene's collected London movie reviews from the 30's. I'm sure it was in The New Yorker magazine although my searches have not located the piece or the author yet. The sentence stopped me in my tracks and I still repeat it admiringly, moving my lips. I find it as smooth and pleasing as a round pebble in my pocket. The sense is fine but it's the sounds that enchant me. It helps that 'nimble' and 'pundit' are both a bit archaic. I like that the name is also a noun. The color green being a nimble pundit could only make sense as poetry but I would give that poem a chance.

There, BB, I've started and I'll try to get the hang of it before long.

Memorial Day weekend we went down to Huntsdale by the Missouri River outside of Columbia. My husband's cousin lives there and hosts us whenever we want to come out. They are very generous hosts and love to share their piece of the country. We got a boat ride that included a two bald eagle sightings and a fun time on the sandbar island. The girls were delighted with digging in the sand. The last time we were there this island was covered with vegetation and edged with rocks, this time it was sand and mud and nothing else. That evening we were to go out again and watch stars/shoot fireworks. But severe thunderstorms were circling the area and the wind started gusting. We opted for building a fire by the riverside campground. We watched the beautiful thunderheads and the lightning as they gradually moved off. The winds eventually quieted and it was a lovely evening. Nod shot his fireworks and we looked at the stars and toasted marshmallows. A great time.