Monday, September 29, 2008

Crise d'automne

9/15/08 Fresh apples, picked from the tree. No wax no staleness. Complex taste with winy sweet dusty tart crunch and juice. As soon as the Ike rains stopped last weekend we went out to a farm at the edge of town for some produce. The rain had kept them away from the farmer’s market in town for the first time in 20 years. After buying a few things and just enjoying hanging around, we drove down the road to the apple orchard. Last year we had picked apples there at the very end of the season when nothing was on the trees but red delicious. That time the best part was the fun of picking for Katy and Dan. But this time he had golden blush, jonathan, gala, granny smith. And they were large and beautiful. Is there anything prettier than laden fruit trees? Treasure in the leaves. We’ve been eating them all week. I love fruit desserts and I often intend to make them with fresh stuff we come home with. But often I cannot bear to cook them. The fruit is too good eaten out of hand to bother with pie dough or cobbler. And perhaps I’m lazy. But mostly a fan of raw fruit.

9/29 It’s hard to get anything posted lately. But I’ll throw this out to mark the passing of time. The conference we’ve been preparing for at work starts Thursday. I’ve come up to scratch I think (no more complaints) and finished many little projects. More will be finished in the next few days. I am choosing not to attend any of the festivities but I may drive an attendee to Kansas City this weekend. I suppose if I want to work in administrative support I really ought to learn to enjoy event planning. But instead I’m doing some occasional self-interviews to see what I really like these days. I need to be doing more of those things so the first step is to identify them. Wish me luck.

The US financial investment crisis is at the forefront of most people’s thoughts. I’m finding it slippery, I have a hard time attending very well to the news. I’m glad that congress didn’t rubber stamp W’s plan. But that’s about as much opinion as I can muster right now. It will certainly be interesting to see how things progress over the next five years. I’m more focused on our family finances at the moment. Nod should get paid for two good sized deals within the next three or four weeks. It’ll be most of his income for the year. There is a huge deal that is another step towards closing and could possibly close at the very end of the year. That’s positive but it’s nothing that can be counted on. I am holding my breath a little bit about our finances. Which probably doesn’t help anyone. But with my itty paycheck what else can I do? Nod is having a depressive, pouty, sick feeling spell. He was bummed out all weekend and woke up this morning feeling ill. I hope it passes quickly.

If you need some cheering up why don’t you read the Belgian Waffle? Today's entry is about French and English swearing. She may or may not be resigning her dreary job and she just makes me weep with laughter. It’s true: a crappy job may enable the best blog writing.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blue sky roof acorn movie rule

It's raining today and I like that on a September 11. The clear vivid blue sky of September in 2001 is still a distinct and eerie memory for me. Seems strange to associate it with that disaster and pandemonium.

I am full of almonds. Stuffed like a trussed roast. I wonder if you can cook meat with almonds to any good effect. Not that I wish to be roasted and eaten.

The conference we are planning at work approacheth, 1st week of Oct. And I am having to take part and feign an energetic competence at the preparations. I tried slacking quietly but was informed this week that that wasn't going to cut it. I hate event planning. But it's better than botulism.

Very good roof news. Our insurance claims guy says that we certainly need a new roof and there is plenty of hail damage to blame it on. We'll see what our allotment will be. We've already gotten an estimate from a roofing co. that I like so we'll sic them on it. Before winter! Imagine my glee. I am really amazed that Nod and I have been able to get out of our avoidant, depressive rut and get this project on the road. Thank the gods and the big oak tree in our yard.

Which isn't feeding us acorns this year. Last year it pelted us thoroughly with acorns. Here -- have some more acorns! But that was after a spring of spouting pollen so thick you could see it on our front porch. This spring it didn't have hardly any blossoms or pollen. I am guessing that there is a certain cycle going on. It has plenty of leaves and appears well otherwise so I assume the pollen and acorns and fat squirrels will be back in a year or two.

Via Have you heard of the Bechdel rule for movies? It's by Alison Bechdel from one of her 'Dykes to Watch Out For' strips back in the 80s. Her character said that she would go see any movie that met these requirements: 1. More than two women in it 2. Who talk to each other 3. About something besides a man. It's fun to think about movies that meet these rules. And it's clearly not superhero movies. Stranger Than Fiction works. See what you can think of... I'd love to see Hamlet 2 and Tropic Thunder and WAL E if it's still around. Even with few if any women in them. The wonderful thing about storytelling humans is that we can empathize with anyone/thing.

Which reminds me of Earth Logic by Laurie J. Marks. It's the sequel to Fire Logic and is holding my attention just as well. This one has lots of little tales in it which are wonderful. Still some brutality to the main character of the last book. What is up with that, LJM? Why is that character to endure all this physical damage? I frown upon it. But I like everything else. I think I'll finish it tonight.