Friday, October 31, 2008


I feel the need to retreat to a place of fiction. Of facade and cartoon. This quotidian trail does not meet my needs. Here are my picturesque imagination games today:

*I'm a pioneer mother, keeping my children alive in the face of overwhelming natural obstacles and the need for tremendous daily exertion. We make do with very little and love each other fiercely. We are gifted singers and whittlers. We must have an odd doctrinal bent to our religion. Suggestions?

*We're a circus family, polyglot and jacks of all trades. Mixed with the physical labor and performance rehearsals, we keep up an active life of the mind, reading widely and debating philosophy and politics.

*I'm an imperious beauty with inexhaustible curiosity about what's in everyone else's pants. I love 'em and leave 'em wanting more. My need for change and drama drives people crazy but they never forget me.

*I'm an alpaca, all huge lashed eyes and tiny feet. I roam the low oxygen slopes of the Andes with my herd. We frisk and graze and watch the spectacular sunsets. I am proud and alert and ready to kick any pumas, dogs or foxes who approach the herd. Apparently we also use communal dung piles for elimination (who knew??).

*I am a sparrow and I can fly like a sparrow: flapflapflapflap, rise and fall, flapflapflapflap, rise and fall. My greatest joy is squabbling with my sparrow fellows, hopping, flapping and squerping.

Who are you today?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Turban Triumphant

I did it! I found a big piece of thin orange fabric and figured out how to coil it up on Katy's head. It's sewed together and has the earrings sewn on now. An accomplishment I call it. The glitter on those cardboard earrings is going to shed all over her stuff at school. Oh well.

While modeling for her grandma last night, Katy had her skirt pulled down to her hip bones to make sure her belly button showed. I encouraged a more modest waistband placement. She is happy about her anachronistic costume. I quizzed her and she can answer what country Carmen was from (Braaaaa-zzziiiilllll) and what she was known for (singing, dancing, acting, fruit on head and wild costumes). I also reminded her that besides the kids, most of the adults she knows won't know who Carmen Miranda is either (esp the under 30's who help with her after-school care).

So deadlines beaten for the moment. Come on, what's next? Time to take a family picture for our Christmas cards. After Nod gets his hair cut. Since we've turned the furnace on, everyone's hair is especially dry and straight. I just forget about that effect. Katy is going to need her hair tied up in ponytails or something nearly every day.

Nod and I went to Lexi's parent-teacher conf yesterday. It was the love fest I expected. Nothing but sunshine. I hope Lexi enjoyed it. She did some spelling for us with cut out letters. At first all her words were spelled right to left. I wonder if that'll persist. She seems to be doing really well with the sounding out and spelling. It's exciting to have literate critters for children.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Grimly she pushed on

This space feels like a playground I don’t have time for right now. I’m swimming in disappointment. My job stopped being fun this summer. I feel like I need to be productive and on point when I’m there and goofing on my blog doesn’t fit. (Nationwide, employers respond, “Ya think?!”) I’m trying to get my confidence back and be the efficient person I stopped being a while back.

Nod isn’t getting paid for one of the deals he was hoping for. Not a big surprise when I look at the overall pattern. He’s going to do health insurance sales part time and also is doing mortgage adjustment deals for those with ARMs they can’t meet. So you should take heart, he’s proof that the banking industry is trying to meet people halfway. I guess we’ll get by, as we have, with a little income here and there. I’m disappointed that there’s nothing to build on here, just enough to tread water.

He made me really mad yesterday by making a mistake. I think it shows that the lack of sleep is getting to him. Or he’s secretly dyslexic. When he left the house yesterday (temp in the 40s) he turned the thermostat all the way up. He says that he meant to turn it all the way down so as not to heat the house while we were all out. When I got home with the girls around 5:45p the doorknobs were all warm. It was more than 90 degrees upstairs. I was livid.

A positive thing today – I fit into some size 10 pants.


Monday now and my outlook is a bit more rosy. Not sure about the future of the blog. All I know is, today I blog.

This week’s lowering deadline is: Halloween costumes. I have a simple plan for Lexi’s black cat costume. The tail is 1/3 done and then I need to figure out the ears headband. But Katy’s Carmen Miranda costume is more challenging. Which reminds me I have to check the forecast and see if she’ll want to appear in a tank top or not on Friday. 68 for the high, eh, we’ll try it. She can always throw a coat on over. The turban will show anyway. And that’s the trouble: the turban. I don’t really have a good idea of how to get it to look right. I don’t want a Rosie the Riveter head scarf. I am going to adorn it with fruit made from paper and some jewelry. That seems like the easy part at this point. But wish me luck finding the right piece of fabric and getting it all coiled up correctly. And then she’s supposed to be able to take it on and off at school. Ay.

Thursday is the new 30 Rock. I'm ready to squee. I may go buy some wine to celebrate.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bang bang thump bang thumpity

You know that things are letting up if I can post two days in a row. Conference shenanigans seem to be under control thus far. And I don't have to work over the weekend. Amazing. Even if come Monday I'm hip deep in conference related crises, I feel so much better about things right now.

The roofers started last night. Rather, the crew that rips off the old roof started. And went on, past dark, until my husband went out and in broken Spanish yelled at them to stop already because the kids needed to sleep. That worked better than yelling at them in English which they cheerfully ignored. Yay for Nod's high school Spanish. And yay for roof progress. We haven't even had a frost yet! Things are looking up. I'm trying not to worry about the chance of rain forecast for Monday night. Surely we won't have sodden ceilings, right? Whatever it takes, we're getting a new roof. With the whitest shingles they've got.

Last night, to escape the relentless banging we went to the library's $5-a-bag night. They have a Friends of the Library sale twice a year in which they sell donated books and media and stuff that's retired from their shelves. There are a few days with marked prices and then they try to get rid of the rest by the bagful. It was fun sifting through the remnants. Tomorrow at 10am they're going to give the rest away. Nod said he wanted to go take another look just in case. This would explain the state of our bookshelves. Well, it's not such a bad vice.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


What a week.

Nod got over his funk. He woke up on the miserable side on Monday morning but then proceeded to have a better day than anyone expected.

Lexi came down with pink eye and was out of school for two days. Nod had a job interview yesterday so I was home with little L in the middle of the day when there was about a mountain of stuff to do. But yay for the cool job interview he had. And he has other plans and goals for diversifying his income stream. What an enterprising cuss. I went back to work and stayed late which was pretty productive although my brain had turned mostly to mush by the time I left.

I've just now confirmed that our chartered airport shuttle runs seem to be working. So conference attendees should be able to get here as promised. Whew. I spent a good part of yesterday worried about them. I faxed the schedule and passenger information on Monday morning. But then when I called to confirm yesterday I found that although my faxes had gone through, it was not to the correct destination number. Hurried re-faxing to the correct number. But no chance to check in with my contact to make sure they would be able to cover everything. So it's was on my mind all night and I have been a leetle tense this morning. But thank all the gods they have everything covered so far. I can feel my stomach unclenching. I may even eat a banana shortly.

Lexi is totally fine by the way, her schleras are white again and she was having a great time playing yesterday when I was home with her. I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have. When I got home late last night, Nod had raked some leaves for the girls to jump in. They were pretending to be hamsters and were rolling balls (hamster bowling) and curling up in the leaves (hamster beds). They were loudly adorable. It did take some quashing to get their inside voices back when we adjourned. While home from school Lexi was making some drawings, far more representational than I have seen from her before. My favorite is a bunny in high heels. Her bunnies have Large Pink Ears.

The weather yesterday was warm sun, with a chilly wind. Autumnally feverish is how I think of it. The sky could not be clearer.

I intend to survive this conference. Gloriosky.