Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Growing light

I'm back at work, the xmas tree is gone and the needles swept. I am ready for some goodness, some sweetness and light this year. I'm trying to stay focused on what I can do. Maybe I'll even try asking for a little help this year.

The holidays in Texas were warm (aaaah) and surprisingly good. My best Christmas present was palling around with my sister-in-law. We had such a good time hanging out over the holidays at my MIL's house in Austin. Renee is funny and goofy and effective and smart and bent. I loved the chatting and the exercising and she expressed concern and wanted to know how I was feeling about things. Like friends do! She showed me an episode of her favorite British tv show. It was great having a friend, all in-person like. Together with husbands we went out for margaritas one afternoon. (I only tasted the margs. I drove and drank about a gallon of iced tea watching them imbibe. Still lots of fun.) I realized that afternoon babysitting is better for my MIL -- she gets to enjoy the kids, not just fret while they sleep.

I am cell phone-less at the moment because I lost my charger at MIL’s and she just found it yesterday. I think I made the mistake of leaving it unattended in the dining room and someone put it away. Next time I will hide it under my pillow. I’ve ordered one and expect it will get here around the same time as she sends mine back. Oh well. Apologies to anyone whose calls I’ve missed. I hope to be reconnected in the next 48 hours.

I am eating too many chocolates each day. I pledge to keep it up. I finally finished Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White. Lordie -- it took all vacation until after new year's day! I am not a slow reader but I could not get through that sucker any faster. Victorian serial fiction does not equal a modern 300 page novel. I'm glad I read it. He's touted as the first British mystery writer. It's pretty melodramatic and not as satisfying as Dickens but certainly a page-turner. I didn't walk away from it after all. Now I am reading a modern 300 page mystery to clear my palate. Atlanta Graves by Ruth Birmingham. I'm finding it fun and quaint as ten year old popular fiction is. And this one I will finish by the weekend by damn.

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Bee said...

It's so nice to have a sister-in-law that you like spending time with! (I'm always hearing about Gavin & Stacey -- must check it out.)

I read The Woman in White years ago . . . I know what you mean about the reading being like a dense thicket of words that you have to make your way carefully and slowly through! I'm always surprised by that in 19th century novels - even ones that I've read lots of times.