Friday, January 23, 2009

The Squawk

So money is tight. Tighter? More dire. Nod is working in a tax preparer kiosk in the Wal-Mart. I call it the TaxHut. He tries to be amused but he is ashamed so won’t chuckle like I want him to. Why does he waste his time being ashamed of himself? Jesus God life is too short.

Lex Luthor is our name for one of Nod’s money manager acquaintances. Lex was saying at the end of 2008 that he was going to liquidate a bunch of money and start a solar energy plant in the Mojave Desert. He wanted Nod to work for him, buying little solar tech start ups in order to acquire new cutting edge technology to work with. It was all very dramatic and rosy. I am proud of Nod in that he did not chuck everything else to plan for that eventuality. Currently Nod says it seems that Lex may be stepping over some fraud lines in his doings. We do not expect anything from that quarter. Damn, a deus ex machina financial windfall would not have been turned away.

So Nod needs work. And he just hates going to work every day. He resents knuckling to any authority. He doesn’t do well with consistent methodical activity. What can he stand to do? I have no idea. I have married a neer do well after all. He’s got his good points but if he ultimately proves to be unemployable I will not have the life I expected to have. We’ve been scraping along. If we can’t even scrape then I am not certain what’s going to happen.

Various sounds of disgust. Time to work on that budget again. I wonder if I would be any better organized if I'd gone to a Montessori preschool?


Bee said...

Your first line reminded me of that Simply Red song from our college days: "Money's too tight to mention."

But perhaps it feels better to mention it. One of Sigmund's childhood friends has had to cancel on the birthday party this weekend . . . he just had some work come in, and he can't afford to turn it down.

I'm sorry that Nod hates the dronelike aspects of work. I feel both envy and joy for those who find a life's work that pays well . . .plus is artistically and intellectually satisfying. Yo Yo Ma, for instance.

"shines" is the word verification . . . surely a good sign?

amenaneri said...

Akbar and Jeff's Tax Hut? Poor Nod. There must be something lovely a creative, anarchic boy can do to make a living? No more real estate whiz-bangs, I imagine. I've said it before, and I'll say it again--is Kansas really a place where he could discover a creative outlet that will fulfill him and hopefully sustain him? Doesn't seem to be a very adventurous culture.

Scrape, scrape--I can't wait until you come here and I can cosset you.

Nimble said...

Bee, I think that it is probably much more acceptable socially to mention money these days than it has been in my lifetime. Few are those who are not feeling some pinch somewhere.

Speaking of 'shines'..."So shines a good deed in a weary world." I just watched the first Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (w/lovely Gene Wilder) with my kids. They were entertained but I am sure I enjoyed it more.

AM, I had forgotten about Akbar and Jeff, but that's pretty much what I was going for. I still think it's funny. Looking forward to seeing you mightily.

Bee said...

Nimble - Quite right; you are in the "in crowd," for what it's worth.