Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bounce Back

Last week's end of cycle hormone whiplash is documented here. It's done now but I wanted to keep the details in case I have trouble again next month. It was dreary. I plan to seek medical assistance if the pattern recurs.

Friday 2/06
Today’s headache is located in the left back upper quadrant of my skull. In addition I have tenderness on the left side underneath my occipital bump. Each little twinge seems worthy of mention at the moment. The headache retreated last night and I had hoped I was free. Urf.

Noon now and no headache. I am pleased but suspicious, holding off on the celebratory jig for the moment.

Maybe I’ll jig later, we’re going to the family dance at Katy’s school tonight. I have instead celebrated my lack of a headache by eating salt water taffy all afternoon.

Family dance = success. We only stayed a little while because youngest child wilted at 7:30. It’s a long day for a four year old. But it was fun to see how packed the school gym was. The kids were really excited about dancing.

Headache is gone now. I did have one on Saturday. I didn’t have one yesterday until I started weeping during a sermon and couldn’t stop. Ugh. Four days of headaches and a dramatic attack of the weepies at church indicates wonky hormones to me. Cut it out, hormones. (I wonder if I’ll like the hot flashes any better. Maybe I’ll get enraged mood swings too.)

“She’s a good old worker and a good old pal
15 miles on the Erie Canal”
I recognize this song but was never required to sing it. Katy and Lexi both have learned it in their music classes. I find my daughters’ rendition perfectly adorable.

Hey! I’m going to San Francisco tomorrow and I’m going to see my friend who’s known me since 13 and run around and ride buses and stroll streets and all that. It’s exciting!

Fred Vargas is the French author of mystery novels with a rumpled illogical police inspector protagonist. I'm reading a very good one in translation (Have Mercy On Us All). I wonder if I'm tough enough to read it one in French. Me and my dictionary that is. Maybe I'll see if I can get one through the library.


Bee said...

Hope you have lots of fun in San Francisco, but how could you not?

Sorry to hear about those icky hormones . . . I have a feeling it's going to get worse for us forty-somethings before it gets better.

Have you kept up with your French at all? Oldest daughter studies French, Spanish and Greek at school. I wish that I had those kind of language skills.

lauratd said...

I hopped on the hormone train early (started in my mid 30s so I'm hoping I'll be done in just a few more years) I started with the scary mood swings and thought i was going insane so I was actually really relieved when I got my first night sweat because then I realized it was menopause and not mental illness. I find soy milk, sweet potatoes and lots of walking to be the best strategies for preventing the worst symptoms. The hot flashes are mildly annoying but it's the insomnia that I hate the most.

Nimble said...

Hey Bee, yes it was wonderful. I still like that bohemia by the bay.

My French is existent if somewhat eroded. I can understand spoken French in most situations and I can speak it though I can't rely on producing any exciting verb tenses. I took some Japanese when I lived in SF but I'm afraid that has entirely deserted me. I applaud your daughter's language studies. I hope she will enjoy them for many years to come.

Nimble said...

Hi LTD! I will file that away for future reference: am I crazy? maybe not! Do you avoid dairy? Or just embrace the soy for its soy chemical properties?

Laura D said...

I don't avoid dairy at all. Cheese and ice cream are two of my favorite food groups. I just drink soy milk because soy products help me balance the hormonal teeter totter. Other soy products would do as well but soy milk is easy and comes in chocolate and almond flavors.