Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fractions, Easy

Sometimes I fantasize about going to work all day, every day and socking away my leave time. Katy has two days off from school this week for parent/teacher conferences. She's signed up for a nature center day camp from 9 to 3p each day. Lexi was dramatically sick with stomach flu or the equivalent all night long Monday night. So she and I stayed home Tuesday. Wednesday she was at school in the am but then didn't feel well at lunchtime. She's still poorly today, home with Nod until I come through on my way to pick up Katy. I'm wishing I could put in more face time at work this week. We do what we can.

Which reminds me of Jon Stewart's riff on Obama's speech. The O quote is "Americans don't do what is easy, they do what is necessary." JS responds, "Have you met Americans?!" And then shows off a jar of Baconnaise, "for those who want to get heart disease but are too lazy to fry the bacon."

I hope there will be a massive outbreak of responsible behavior in my country but I tend to think JS has a point.

New topic: Katy is learning a little multiplication -- she's excited. Me too!


Nimble said...

Farkity fark fark fark

I just realized I missed Katy's teacher conference last night. CRAP.

Bee said...

These things (missed conference) happen.

Oldest daughter has been home for two days and just threw up again -- so will be off for a third. But at least I don't punch a clock.

I used to get so ANGRY when the school nurse asked me to leave work and pick up my kids for some little sniffle or something. (I know it wasn't fair, but it still drives a person crazy. As if life is controllable and manageable.)