Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More and more

More to read, may we never run out…

Some time ago I mentioned the blog of an American expat in Sweden. She’s a writer and a mom of four. She met her Swedish hubby online, and emigrated. If I don’t like the weather, sometimes I check in to see how cold or dark it is in her town. Her domain name makes me smile every time I think of it: Mmm!

I have found Language Hat and lost it two or three times, following recommendations from other bloggers. It is an agreeably peculiar and urbane amateur linguistics site. The commenters are a tight knit bunch with plenty of in jokes but they seem to be kind to passers by as well. I find about a third of the discussions interest me. L. Hat posted an Updike poem when the news came in of the author’s death. I think I’d read it before back in the misty past. Bee has been thinking poetically and I feel like following suit.

A Rescue

Today I wrote some words that will see print.
Maybe they will last "forever" in that
someone will read them, their ink making
a light scratch on his mind, or hers.
I think back with greater satisfaction
upon a yellow bird—a goldfinch?—
that had flown into the garden shed
and could not get out,
battering its wings on the deceptive light
of the dusty, warped-shut window.
Without much reflection for once, I stepped
to where its panicked heart
was making commotion, the flared wings drumming,
and with clumsy soft hands
pinned it against a pane, held loosely cupped
this agitated essence of the air,
and through the open door released it,
like a self-flung ball,
to all that lovely, perishing outdoors.

The more times I read this poem the more it seems like something I really would have liked in junior high. I (only a little defensively) still like it, simple doesn't mean bad.

One more linky link to recommend Rambles, a folk music centered site that contains music reviews, book reviews and commentaries on the folk/celtic end of the spectrum. Not everything is laser sharp but I find that their interests overlap my own by a fair bit. I liked this review of The Asturian Mining Company's music and now I'm hoping to find some to sample.

And now for a little parental recrimination: I am failing my children’s hair. They are often mussed and rarely look well groomed at school. This is partly because they no longer bounce out of the bed at 6:30 in the morning. I am so grateful for this new ability to sleep in the early mornings that I have “adapted” (or lapsed) into getting them up after I’m showered and dressed. We have tended to run later and later this winter. I aim to get them dressed and breakfasted before I turn them over to their father’s direction and hightail it to work. Yesterday I only had time to supervise dressing. At any rate hairstyles have been neglected. Nod’s got no talent or interest in girly hair care. Even brushing is not happening as often as I would like. Katy told me last week that one reason Cora is one of her best friends is because Cora never says K’s hair looks funny. Implying that lots of other kids do say so. Katy seems not to be crushed by this but it can’t be her favorite thing. I am going to have to shift my brain around the idea that my kids aren’t up and playing before breakfast. Not a bad thing! just different.

Lexi is finally on the mend and went back to preschool on Tues. She was playing and singing to herself and being so much more normal Monday. No more sitting glassy eyed on the couch. Universe, I'm glad that's over with. That was a nasty virus.

Today’s moment of shock and pointless scorn. I just followed a commenter’s link to her blog and found that she posts photos (very nice, spare photos) and a few sentences every few days. The prose is uniformly in ALL CAPS. She uses a small font size and I didn’t see any smileys or exclamation marks. But really, it makes my head ache just thinking of reading that. I find all-lowercase writing tiresome (an extra effort to read) but given only those two options, I’d choose the non-shouty one.


Bee said...

I'm with you on the lowercase/uppercase issue. Sometimes it really is best to go with what is readable.

Hair: My kids don't even let me give feedback, much less get my hands into it.

Blogs: There is a Guardian feature called "Blog roll" where they feature interesting/unusual blogs every week. I think of you as my personal blog finder. Beverly's featured dinner was a bit gross, though. Loved the baby's blue eyes.

Poetry: I've read so much more of it since I started blogging. And that's nice, because I've read fewer novels.

Sig and I saw "Tipping the Velvet" this week. We were amazed that the BBC was able to air it on prime-time, dildos and all. It was too camp for my taste.

Am also watching Stephen Fry series on America. There was a long bit on Las Alamos tonight - and I thought of you, of course.

Nimble said...

I am eager to see the S. Fry America series. I assume that it will be available here in a year or so. (I must not be too eager because that sounds fine.) Los Alamos is a conversation starter for lots of reasons, good for him. I wonder if he got any of his facts wrong (it's hard not to look for that).

Yes, TtV is very camp, they seem to be striving for vaudevillian at times or the Victorian equivalent.

Do you remember when your girls told you to back off on the hairdressing? Katy is just starting to do her own 'dos now. They're both fascinated by braids so if we have extra time I do that sometimes.

Bee said...

Fry actually spends quite a lot of time in New Mexico. He is obviously totally excited and fascinated by L.Alamos. He skims over some of the other states VERY quickly. (Kansas was sad; he mostly just featured a ghost town there.)

I can't remember when my domination of the girls' hair was subject to insurrection. Maybe 7 or 8?