Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sight and Scent

For all the redheads out there... Lovely!

Boys and cologne, a tricky combo. Yesterday as I was picking my daughter up from after-school care at her elementary school, I saw a shocking sight. A ten year old (my best guess) boy carrying a bottle of cologne down the hallway. Like he was going to refresh his signature scent. I am reminded of this because just at this very moment I am being pained by my office manager’s grandson’s CKOne or similar. And all of this reminds me of the disgusting scent of male dorm rooms overlaid with Polo. I think boy toys should be spritzed with the perfume of their sugar mama's choice. But the rest should just leave it alone.

Maybe I'm overgeneralizing. Do you know any men who wear scent in an aesthetically pleasing manner?

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Bee said...

I don't know why the Brits have the ginger prejudice . . . but it's definitely there, and the subject of many jokes. That rather unwordly looking pic of the baby was on the cover of the Guardian Saturday Magazine.

As for cologne, Sigmund cannot be persuaded that a little goes a long way. I gave up a while ago.