Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vacay with Oomph

S.F. was flirty and chilly and all I had to do was have fun. Wow, it was great. Glittery sunny misty rainy cold solid pavement lefty eucalyptus urbanitude. I saw five good friends and met some new friendly folks and felt like a social being.

I walked in the Ferry Bldg, Golden Gate Park, North Beach, Chinatown, the Castro, the Financial District, Dolores Park, the Mission. There was a tedious trip to the airport and back when the rain prevented me from flying out. Lucky for me, my host and hostess were up for another night of sheltering me. It's clear that S.F. just didn't want to let me go.

In all senses of the word I was thoroughly entertained. The only thing missing was a courtesan. I’ll have to set that up for next time. I seemed to do well consuming one perfect thing at a time. One perfect cream puff at Beard Papa in the gourmet food court (that phrase does not do it justice) of the Westfield San Francisco Centre. One perfect mocha at CafĂ© du Nord’s new next-door coffee shop. One perfect cocktail, a side car at the MakeOut Room. Josh Kornbluth (in person!) made me laugh so hard I cried enough to make my collar soggy. We saw the beautiful lights of the city from the top corner of Dolores Park on Saturday night (Valentine’s Day). I found that the city’s geography was still accessible in my brain at least in the broad outline.

The Danish treated me to all sorts of wonderful experiences. I am grateful, as they would say at the cafe. The Danish and her husband Ronin keep each other laughing, it seemed there was always a low level burbling whenever they were in the same place. It was inspiring, I’ve already asked Nod to make me laugh for our anniversary.

I got up just shy of 4am to catch a shuttle van to the airport. Not recommended. I will cab it to the BART station next time. Happily the planes were going out even though the rain had started again by the time I was at the airport. I was pretty tired by the time I got back home. Nod welcomed me with enthusiasm and sent me off to nap. What a good guy. It was delicious to see the girls again. I think Katy grew taller and Lexi's bangs grew too long while I was out of town.

I'm wondering how I can get some momentum started here. I am going to tackle my room (tackling the whole house is too intimidating). I am going to change the furnace filter (or nag Nod until he does it). I am going to break out some boxes and pack up or pitch the unused clothes and miscellaneous detritus in our room.

Recommended: Fat White Vampire Blues by Andrew Fox. An enthusiastic and somewhat typo ridden review is here. I found it at Borderlands Books, a wonderful sci fi, fantasy, horror bookstore on Valencia St. Ahhh, SF bookstores. The book begins with one quotation from Anne Rice and one from A Confederacy of Dunces. I just had to see what the author made of that mix and amazingly he really lived up to those inspirational works. I should admit now that I've never liked Confederacy. It's too grotesque for me. But it certainly made an impression when I read it and I heartily approve of Fox's take. I also finished Have Mercy On Us All. It was very stylish and Parisian and courtly almost.

Edited To Add: If you should visit the book review link I have for the vampire book, beware of the author link. It looked like it was going to be distinctly NSFW. I don't know whether that's what he does now or whether the url has been gobbled up by someone salacious.


amenaneri said...

Awww--aren't you the sweetest. I'm glad you were inspired by me and Ronin and had such a fabulous time. I'm still experiencing the afterglow myself. We must make this an annual event. I wish you lived down the street so we could always hang out. I don't seem to tire of your company and always want more of you. Well, that's the thing about best friends--they always are the best, aren't you?

The Danish
(maybe I should make that my internet name...)

Bee said...

Your trip sounds fab. I so enjoy dipping into city pleasures. I'm deeply envious of the couple who laughed together all of the time. (I liked your description of "low-level burbling."

Does the packing suggest a prelude to moving?