Friday, March 27, 2009


For your wonderment I give you Antonia's quest for a couple of long lost songs. She had them running through her head and wrote down the musical notes of their hooks. Read the comments to see the responses. They named those tunes right quick. Amazing. And I liked the music too. There's a neighboring post about looking in the mirror after a hard night and resembling Snape as portrayed by Alan Rickman. In the sidebar is an ad: "1 Rule to a Concave Head I can carry onions on my head after following these simple exercises." She's a kick in the pants.

Another first for me: I heard someone texting while on the toilet. Taptaptaptaptaptap. After some consideration I’ve decided that it’s better than talking on the phone on the throne. But that’s still too much multitasking.

Looking at the Christmas 2006 picture of Katy and Lexi. They're so different now -- and not just because they're bigger. Katy had front teeth. And Lexi had long long hair. Katy is wearing pjs and a sweatshirt that fit Lexi now. Both of them are smiling nicely for me under the Christmas tree. I have a desire to see what Katy’s new smile will look like when her other top front tooth decides to mosey on down. (The baby tooth has been gone since December. Should we be worried? I plan to grill the dentist at her appt next month.) Lexi’s hair has grown out almost to her shoulders again. I suspect she’ll want it off her neck during the summer. I hope the bangs that I cut too far back on her head will grow out significantly in the next few months. Right now they are embarrassing but if I cut them again then she'll just have half a head of bangs and that's embarrassing too.

I'm going to my first book club meeting in two weeks. I haven't finished the book yet (but I've read it before so I'll be all right whether I buckle down or no). I thought I should have a couple of titles in my pocket should they be looking for 'to read' suggestions. And I'm blanking. What's burning a hole in your to be read pile? I'll be looking at the Bookslut blog for ideas too.

Bookslut pointed me to a nonfiction book, something I rarely essay. Jennifer Traig's Devil in the Details is a memoir of her girlhood growing up with OCD. It's sidesplitting, really funny. I was shocked at how breezy she is without being insincere. She survived the undiagnosed OCD, presumably treats it successfully and now has a career as a crafts guide writer. Her book contains the only example I've ever seen of the term "loadie" in print. This was what we called druggies in my jr. high and high school. I think she does play fast and loose with some of her set dressing details. (At one point she says that her rural California hick neighbors were busy making meth. But in the late 70s, early 80s it must have been LSD. Nit picked.) I found the book in the Young Adult section of our library. I felt a little self-conscious over there but didn't erupt in flames. It's a quick read. I almost want to track down some of Traig's craft books now...

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