Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Electrical storm


Nod and I growled at each other like territorial cats last night. Fluffed up and snarly. It wasn't personal. We were just thwarted in various ways and had only each other to howl at. I stomped out into a thunder storm to go grocery shopping. I got to see some cool lightning on the way there. It poured when I got out of the store and unloaded the groceries. I felt dumb for my timing but nonetheless felt much better emotionally after the lightning, thunder and dousing.


I'm worried about getting Katy into the Boys&Girls Club summer program. I was told yesterday they only have thirty spots. How can that be? What do working parents do?? I've called a chain daycare center. It offers a school age summer program. $140 per week. I don't have a very good impression of them but for the summer I could deal as long as K wasn't miserable. I need options here. Next year we'll have two kiddos to place.

Spent a few minutes fantasizing about quitting my job. But that doesn't seem to get us anywhere we want to be. I'm trying to be patient while Nod starts at this job. But I'm not really feeling patient. I want him settled in a job he can do for three to five years. Like a grown up. And I want steady income dammit.

Farflung blogs

I've had a quiet few days at work and have been reading to the ends of the internet. I am languishing for the next Belgian Waffle update but have been amply consoled by her links list. John Scalzi is answering reader questions this week and I like his 'would you go into space?' response. He's sort of a guy who's famous for being famous on the internet but I still like his brand of palaver. I've read two of his sci fi novels and I would describe them as entertaining but not amazingly well written.


I am growing my hair out lately and looking out for possible haircuts that would give me some cute factor. Whoorl has strong opinions and favors nothing but long bangs swept to the side. I don't know if my wavy cow-lick-y bangs will do that. Eventually we will have warm humid weather and I will hie me to the hairdresser for shearing. I'll be sure and issue a report.

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