Monday, March 23, 2009


A graceful post from Sundry; thinking about death. Just a little day brightener for you there. I feel like I should remember that very English quote she uses as a title but no dice. Probably in the comments if I could be bothered to read through.

Sundry starts with the image of knocking the wind out of herself. I tried to explain this phenomenon to Katy recently and found it hard. She was showing me her flip off the horizontal bar at the school playground. I reminisced about my playground expertise. And described how I’d learned to flip, no-hands, but at the expense of knocking the wind out of myself a couple of times. Have you ever done it? It’s hard to explain to someone who’s never seen or experienced it. I wonder when was the last time I knocked the wind out of myself? I remember when I learned to rollerblade in my 20s and used to zoom about UNM campus sidewalks with Mac. One day I skinned my knee pretty dramatically (cursed electrical cord across the sidewalk). The next day the scab had formed and I was transported back to age eight. I never knew knocking some skin off would remind me so strongly of being a preteen. I think seven or eight is a fabulous age as far as hurling your body through space. Your coordination and muscle tone is better than it’s ever been and your body mass is so small that you can do a lot of cool things. Katy is taking good advantage of this. We watched her climb up a straight pole at the playground. And she’s matched the hand to hand monkey bar transit. Lexi, at almost 5yo, is more cautious. She has been enjoying tooling about on the tricycle that she’s about to outgrow.

We had a gorgeous mild spring weekend. It was awfully nice to be outside again. I got a little bit of yardwork done. I cleared off our driveway and part of one quarter of the yard and filled 9 bags with leaves. It’s sort of killing me how many leaves there are. I was hoping more of them would have blown away or rotted over the winter. Guess there was a reason some of our neighbors picked all theirs up in the fall. Considering our desire to be gone from the house I am not going to make any yardwork promises. Picking up and weeding the contents of the house is probably more urgent at this point. But I did enjoy the outside time and the visible progress made (statistically small though it may be).

I had Nod fetch me a DVD to watch when he went out to see a friend on Saturday night. It was Tropic Thunder. I enjoyed it a lot, especially the opening trailers. OMG – Robert Downey Jr. and Tobey Maguire as the star crossed monks! I insisted that Nod watch those with me and we ended up seeing the whole thing. Mr. Cruise’s performance was an entirely unexpected thing of beauty.

Also watched recently Rivers and Tides. And this after seeing a work of Goldsworthy's at the De Young when I was in San Francisco. (Thanks to the Danish for pointing it out!) Nod said that the artist reminded him of Katy, how driven and concentrated they are. I thought he seemed both inspired and loony, but in not in a bad way. His repeated shapes are so cool. And icicle sculpting is just gorgeous -- but I can't see making my hands that cold for my art.

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Bee said...

Oh, I like that last line!

I did read the post about death -- and thought, gosh, that's me. (A lot of other people felt that way, too.) It doesn't help when other 40ish year olds are dying this week: Natasha Richardon and Nicholas Hughes. It scares me that I'm getting so frightened and cautious. Perhaps it is just the universal mood of gloom?

I was watching High Musical 2 and 3 yesterday with the girls -- I'd never seen them before -- and I was actively thinking how wonderful it would be to be so light on one's feet. I can't remember when my body didn't feel earthbound.