Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hot fudge!

Mother is appeased. She just wanted to see if we were being flung into the streets. And she wanted to make sure I had a credit card in my name to establish my own credit history. Check -- the five years of living in sin before marrying gave me plenty of practice steering my own rickety financial boat. She offered her house if we do get flung into the streets. She said families live together if times get tough. And they grumble and figure a way to get along. I suppose that's true. I'm lucky to have her as backup. She's also talking about possibly relocating to Lawrence after she sells her house in maybe three years. That makes me unhappy about potentially losing my anchor in NM. I will have to think more on this.

Nod's birthday was celebrated. He only scowled for some of it. I did not sing him the Bear in the Big Blue House birthday song but I had it going through my head all evening. I made vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce from scratch. The kids didn't care for hot fudge but we adults found it pretty prime. When we got into bed last night I scritched his head and said happy birthday and that we were glad we could celebrate him. He acknowledged that he could get into the being celebrated rather than celebrating birthdays.

He seems to have a good crop of prospects for his insurance/investment sales. He starts his training in earnest on the 23rd. He's been setting meetings and keeping busy and I want him to succeed and like it. I hope to know more next month. Like whether this job will be a go or whether there will be gnashing of teeth and more job hunting. He is definitely more relaxed and jolly since shaking the WalMart dust from his shoes.

Lexi started a fever and chills last night and was shivering when she came to the table so I gave her a graham cracker instead of ice cream. I insisted she take some tylenol before bed. That child is so easy going except for two things: 1) taking medicine offends her and is always preceded by tears. (Cough medicine makes her barf, I have just given up on that stuff.) 2) blowing her nose. Will not do it. It must tickle or somehow feel intolerable to her. We have a hard time not coaching. I have learned not to watch while she's wiping her nose. She will grow out of it and it's not worth hectoring her about it. So anyway she slept fine last night but still felt a little hot at five am. I hope she can throw it off whatever it is. Nod's got her this morning and I will go home at lunch time and take over. It's fairly quiet at work this week.

I just friended my high school boyfriend on facebook. My reaction to this is Hee! and also Do I have time for this? I will see how the facebooking goes this year. I read yesterday that LiveJournal has lost most of its technical staff and its Russian owners can't figure how to monetize it any better than its former owners.

One link for your reading pleasure: Gore Vidal's article on Sinatra for Esquire in 1966. Esquire has put up free online access to a handful of their "greatest articles." This is a really great read. The phrase "a table of four unaccompanied young ladies" really brought home the different mores to me. I wouldn't go live in that time for nuthin.


amenaneri said...

Wow--Darryl Pickett. Blast from the past. I'm debating about whether to friend him. Perhaps I'll satisfy my curiosity through you! Is he still a televangelist? And congratulations on the spiritual endeavoring and the new job for Nod. No, No, Georgia, not Kansas (!)...she will come to YOU in NM (I'm sending my telepathic powers to you both).

Nimble said...

AM -- what are you talking about??! Last I heard DP was writing and producing plays outside of Orlando. Are you thinking of his father who was the televangelist?

Bee said...

I have been debating about whether or not to join Facebook. Since I am the sort of person who hasn't bothered to keep in touch with pretty much anyone from high school (even when I go home to visit my parents), I'm not sure of the wisdom of the exercise. I've realized that I'm two posts behind with you -- more than six posts behind on the last person I checked in with. I can no longer even keep up with blogging. Officially.

Good luck on Dan getting a job that he will really, really like. Happy Belated -- with hot fudge on top.

word ver is scasmaa. I find that appealing for some reason.