Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lips and Pants

For this entry I’m mining a blog comment I made elsewhere today. I am not sure whether that’s pathetic or thrifty.*

The writer alluded to some OCD in her desire to post every single day. And I admitted that I love when my favorite bloggers reveal that they’ve folded their blogging into their OCD routines. It’s a little callous and selfish I know. But it’s practically a guarantee of regularly occurring new blog entries! Fabulous.

She also included the phrase ‘pursed his lips’. Only last night my seven y.o. asked what ‘pursed lips’ were. I floundered a bit but settled on ‘lips pushed together, like when you’re thinking about something.’ Some writers use the phrase to mean a specific facial expression but I think there are many possible. It can’t just be lips bunched as if to kiss. It was fun to question my assumptions.

Then I was busy thinking about lips. And francophones who of course do a lot more with their lips than we English speakers. When I was trying to speak French I found I had a better accent when my lips were more mobile. (That sounds like they were wandering around on my face.) The French exhalation of disdain (often written pah!) is a wonderful mouth exercise.

*Speaking of thrift I made it to the Catholic thrift store at my lunch hour today. I bought oven mitts because I can’t bear to look at ours any longer. I don’t even know if I want to try washing our old ones. With grease and char marks, they are not beautiful things. I found two pairs of pants for me and a shirt each for Nod and youngest child. I never try anything on there, everything is cheap enough to risk it. So I’ll get to see how the pants fit tonight.


Bee said...

I've just been writing about my obsessions, too, but they don't include everyday posting. If I felt that I had to post every day it would drive me crazy!

BTW, I've given you an award. You must come and collect it!

So how were the pants? And it surprised me that you can get oven mitts at a thrift shop. I took some coats to a charity shop yesterday -- and I had a bit of a pang about it, but was firm with myself in the end as I knew that we weren't really using them. Small/nonexistent closets means that we have to be brutal about keeping our wardrobes weeded.

Nimble said...

My pants score is 1 out of 2. I'm surprised that the Eddie Bauer sz 12s were too small, oh well. I like the other pair better anyway.

I will be right over to collect. I want you to know that I read Bee Drunken faithfully, even if I don't comment. I don't always have a comment that I think will advance the conversation.

I can imagine a book entitled The Discipline of Small Closets. It would sell well in America where generally we have no closet discipline whatsoever.

Bee said...

Perhaps we should make use of your wonderful phrase:

"I'm an appreciative reader, but I don't have a comment which will advance the conversation."

As for closets, I resent the smallness of ours because they are also damp. It IS good to keep the wardrobe edited, though.