Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April update

Lexi turned five and it's still making her smile. (Nonsense words of maternal endearment here.)

Easter at church was v. crowded but lovely. The choir was great and I loved the tympani and trumpet with the organ for the H. Chorus. The girls wore matching dresses given by a school friend. They were fancy and beautiful. Thank you note in process.

One grandma arrives on Thursday afternoon and the next on Friday. Nod's Missouri cousins are also coming for our baptisms. Much to be done before the girls and I are baptized on Sunday. As Nod noted, this baptism celebration seems to be taking on a life of its own. I think our mothers (and cousins) needed an excuse to have a party. Well, good!

Book group was heavy on nice. I reflected afterwards that I was hoping for something more edgy and eggheaded -- perhaps that's what I should call my next book group. They were very welcoming and I will read The Hunchback of Notre Dame to discuss with them in May.

The cold has abated (thank gaia) and we are ready to be springy here.

I'm staggering through the chores that need to be done. I think I'll be glad when the fam stuff is done. But I hope I can enjoy some while it's happening.

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Bee said...

I'd love more info on your book group!

BTW, as you will realize when you have a 15 yr old, 5 is still wonderfully babyish. I wish that I still had one of those.