Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'm going to write a post because I'm falling asleep at work. I didn't leave for lunch and that always makes me feel like I'm trapped in this basement. It's a dark rainy day too which isn't popping my mood toward ecstatic. Some blogs have helped but I really have to stop reading now. Stop. reading. now. Action is required. I'll take this little narcissistic action and then do something worky.

From Mrs. Trefusis
Since when did having it all mean doing it all? Is this really what Betty and the sisterhood had in mind when they fought the sex war and won? My generation has been sold down the river by Germaine Greer and I'm getting singed fingers trying to snatch my bra back out of the bonfire. Having won the right to equality in the workplace, we forgot to win a fight for equality at home too.

The bold is the part that made me laugh.

I have been quite depressed at the state of the house lately. I feel like I have failed and it will never get better. Even when we pick up we don't clean. So everything is dusty and the floors are not nice. I can do the dishes and some weeks I get caught up with the laundry. There is a lot leftover that doesn't get done. After almost six years in this house it shows. We've never washed all the windows and some of them are quite cloudy. I am cringing while typing that.

It feels out of control. Even when I can get past the "I'm not keeping it clean and tidy so I'm bad" reasoning, it's just depressing to live like this. Oh wow I did not realize until now how the weather has got me down.

Anyway. Time to switch gears. I have done something worky now, in between working on this misbegotten post. Here's some Paris-think for you. It seems to be right on. You'll see the parallels if you read Stuff White People Like. But even without that reference it's just fun to imagine being a snobby Parisian. After all, Paris is always fabulous, even in nasty gray rainy weather.


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Bee said...

I wish that I could just send you a cleaning team to blitz your house. I assume that the budget cannot cover this luxury?

I just read Stuff That White People Like. It was hilarious -- and so, so true. R has read bits of it, and she keeps saying to me, "You are SO white."