Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meme and movies

Having been asked nicely by the Danish to participate in a meme on facebook I have churlishly chosen to fill out an entirely unrelated meme ganked from Schmutzie. Still thinking about the fb one, sorry for the foot dragging.

What are your current obsessions?
“The Galaxy Song” from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. Fred Vargas’ detective novels, but that’s a soft obsession and I’m currently taking a break.

Which item from your wardrobe do you wear the most often?
My favorite string bikini undies. Just bought some more bikini ones at Target but couldn’t find any string ones - boo.

What's for dinner?
I’m going to eat chicken lime soup, leftover in the fridge. I don’t know what the kids will eat. Probably tostada/taco. Mm, now I’m thinking about tangy soup. If I get ambitious I will make slaw with ginger dressing. Now I’m excited about dinner.

What is your greatest fear at the moment?
That my husband will be unable to earn a living and we will be unable to provide for our children. Bankruptcy and so on.

What are you listening to?
The air handling system in my office, my typing. In terms of music, I need to put my Old 97’s cd in my car for early morning bopping.

If you were a god/goddess what would you be?
Persephone? I’d only have to work one quarter of the year, that appeals. Plus I’d be highly anticipated and could be just as fickle as I liked. Maybe I could learn to knit during time off in the Underworld.

What are your favourite holiday spots?
The 4 corners area of the southwest US is stunning. I’ve been on exactly one camping trip there. But I would go back in a minute. San Francisco continues to hold lots of tasty fun for me. I love the beach too, Ft. Myers, in Florida or San Diego.

What are you reading right now?
I’m supposed to be reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame but I’ve successfully misplaced it. Must find that book.

What are four words that describe you?
Patient, limited, graceful, pithy

I started writing a more negative answer but have successfully stuffed that self critical imp back into its velvet bag.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Silly books: Karl Hiaasen most recently and Terry Pratchett always. DVDs of 30 Rock too – Tina Fey would be my guilty pleasure if I could just get her into bed.

Who or what makes you laugh?
Harold Lloyd, Stephen Colbert, Terry Pratchett

What is your favourite spring thing to do?
Walk through an area of budding trees. We have red bud trees in South Park and the walkways are lined with purple glow. I love to see the forsythia too – reminds me of my mother. Demeter.

Where are you planning to travel next?
Not planning any travel – poor. But maybe we’ll get back to Albuquerque in October. And we may ship oldest daughter there for a granny visit the first week of June.

What is the best thing you ate or drank lately?
The devil’s food cake I made for my 5 y.o.’s birthday party was primo. But the banana bread I made last night was almost as good

When was the last time you were tipsy?
Can’t remember. Holidays? Must go right home and tipple.

What is your favourite ever film?
Can’t choose just one, be real. Old favorites: Tampopo, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Blade Runner, The Thin Blue Line, Swimming to Cambodia. New favorites: Sense and Sensibility, Sita Sings the Blues (ssss!), The Producers (really just the soundtrack)

What is the biggest life lesson you've learned from your kids?
To own my own feelings and preferences. I can’t speak for them, just make room for them to speak.

What song can't you get out of your head?
It’s a Hard Knock Life from Annie (could be worse) and I’m trying to learn all the numbery words to The Galaxy Song.

What book do you know you should read but refuse to?
Gravity’s Rainbow and anything by Updike.

What is your physical abnormality/abnormal physical ability?
Somewhat pointed ears, and I can raise either eyebrow independently. A little Vulcan in the bloodline apparently. MSWord just capitalized “vulcan” for me, how helpful of it.

Bonus film info links for you today. I found Ferdy on Films a while back and had bookmarked her. It was because she reviews old films. Just today I enjoyed her reflections on the most recent Roger Ebert film fest. I was delighted to hear that he was able to participate with his MacBook robo voice. [Edited to add that this fest went wild for my little favorite: Sita Sings the Blues. So exciting!]

And then thinking about my old favorite movies I looked for something on Spalding Gray and found the wonder that is Not Coming To A Theater Near You. It’s a grabbag of film commentary by what I take to be underemployed film students. Looks like lots of sad children films on the top page right now. But look around, lots of great obscure films are discussed. And from what I've read: some solidly well written pieces.


Bee said...

I like this sort of meme a lot. You always learn something (or many things) new.

"Pithy" is a good one.

I must read Terry Pratchett. So many people that I like seem to be fans.

amenaneri said...

Limited?! Now, now, let's see what someone who clearly loves you more than your own little voice does chooses for her 4 words to describe you...

Brilliant, witty, generous, loving?, clever, amusing, cuddly?

Loyal, inquisitive, incisive, vulnerable?

I could go on and on...

Nimble said...

Oh Bee, T. Pratchett… Since I get such a lot of pleasure from those novels, I hope you get around to him some time. But I fear that his humor may be too juvenile for your tastes. From what I’ve gathered, I skew sillier than you do. I couldn’t keep myself from writing a bit (ha!) more about his books though so please see my next post for my complete recommendations.

Hey AM, I love your va-va-va-voom spirit. And you are velvety, effective, deluxe and knowledgeable, among other things. Thank you, sweetheart.