Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One Saturday via Train

A Saturday in Early April

Got up early and rode on exercise bicycle in basement. Watched the beginning of All That Jazz. (We have a treasure trove of VHS tapes in the basement.) Ascended to the sounds of children wanting breakfast. Fixed children breakfast and then nearly bit off their heads because they were being normally annoying and I hadn’t had any breakfast yet. Ate my cereal and took my vitamins and regained my temper. Turned on the tv for the kids to watch something execrable. Took a shower. Got my clothes on and felt very efficient.

Husband took the kids to the movie theater to watch a special morning showing of Kung Fu Panda. I did three loads of laundry and watched half of DVD of Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon. (Review – watchable, entertaining but choppy and unconvincingly sensual. Well, the scandalous dance sequence anyhow. But I’m glad to see it attempted and I will watch Reese do most anything. I was going to compare this version unfavorably with a BBC production starring that W. African actress from ER but that turns out to have been Moll Flanders. Sorry – wrong madcap rebellious female costume drama.)

Went to drugstore to buy concealer. Bought some for $14 plus tax. Applied in the car – perhaps future applications will be more polished looking. Went to get my hair cut. Told hair dresser my unrealistic hair plan. She told me she thought it wasn’t happening with my cowlicks but that she would give it a try. No straight swoop of bangs but much nicer hair than what I went in with. She confirmed that I have enough hair for two heads. Made next appointment for six weeks. I usually try to pinch pennies by not getting my hair cut until it is driving me bats. But I think I'll try the faithful attendance approach for a change.

Back to the Present

So that was a day that I had unexpectedly to myself. I didn't get to see Kung Fu Panda but instead had free time to launder and mooch around and attend to grooming.

I had another day off unexpectedly this Monday -- I kept Lexi home because she had run a fever the night before. Just a passing virus it seems. She played very happily with her birthday presents most of the day. I did get her to take a big nap despite protests. I got the kitchen and bathroom floors washed that morning so felt extremely proud of myself.

Cake Pride

More pride: I have to brag on the devil's food cake I made for Lexi's birthday. It was a thing of delicious beauty. Much better than last year's cake from scratch which was dry and unworthy of the butter frosting it carried. Everyone liked this one.

Train Wreck

I'm realizing that because I'm using this space to vent about our money travails and other bad decisions, this blog is more train wrecky than I expected. (Previously I assumed that I hadn't made enough crappy decisions for my life to be a train wreck. But evidence is mounting.) I'm trying to embrace that. I only have one life and it's too short (esp. from this vantage point) to waste being ashamed. So on with the wreck and forward to build from the wreckage!

Appropriately I have been listening to the Old 97's album 'Too Far to Care' from 1997. (They're named after "The Wreck of the Old 97" which is some famous old folk song about a train derailing.) I think Bee might like it for its Texas hyper poppy western-ness. I love the lyrics and Timebomb is an excellent 'get off your ass' song. I found out that they released a new album last year after being split up for a while. Rhett Miller still looks spookily attractive per their website. Because I use old music consuming technology, I may have to buy their greatest hits CD.


Bee said...

Well, I can swing either way on TX music.

Your life is not a trainwreck at all! If you don't talk about what's going on, it's not honest. If it's not honest, then what is the point?

I wish that I had some of that devil's food cake right now. Chocolate cake is a favorite thing of mine, but no one else in my family really loves it. We don't eat cake enough. I tend to reserve it for birthdays.

Isn't it funny how exercise in the morning makes a person feel slightly more efficient (and dare I say virtuous?) all day long? Can you take early morning walks in the summer?

Nimble said...

I think cake is inherently celebratory and we should all have some in our lives. One of my favorite mis-readings was "The Power of Cake". I think that phrase would be great on a t shirt with a picture of a cake slice. I don't think I mentioned that at our church there is almost always cake in the fellowship hall after the service.

Morning walks sound like a good possibility. I may try that. I can always get on the bike in the basement if it's raining.

Bee said...

No wonder you like your church!

Walks in the early morning (summer only, you understand) are wonderful. If you like/have to get up . . . which I don't. The first one, anyway.