Thursday, April 23, 2009


Go now and read about E.A. Poe. I have to read something about him every five years or so. Also found in this New Yorker piece is a cartoon I found groovy: Sheep 1 says to Sheep 2 “Sure I follow the herd – not out of brainless obedience, mind you, but out of a deep and abiding respect for the concept of community.” This reminds me of my reasons for joining the Episcopal Church. Baaaa. Plus a bit of rabid anglophilia. And a fondness for churchgoing and a desire to get on a team and get on with things dammit.

The wild baptismal weekend went well and I'm relieved that it's over. Four out of town relatives was plenty. Girls and I were anointed and fested. We had a bang up feast at the downtown hotel brunch.

Tried watching "The Singing Detective" a British tv serial from the late 80s. It includes period noir and extended hospitalization, fever dreams and musical numbers. Couldn't hack it. V. slow at beginning and dim and I am just on to the next thing. I'm reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame which is proving slow going. Was relieved to come across our title character today at my lunch break. And Esmeralda has been announced. Surely some plot will make itself known soon.

I’m cheating on my 19th century lit with some Carl Hiaasen: Skinny Dip which was practically free at the spring library book sale. He's a guilty pleasure for sure, bless his eco freako good ol boy heart. I'll be done with that by the end of the week.

Have I mentioned the Little Professor's blog? She's an academic who writes about Victorian religious novels (I think that's right). And sometimes finds time to comment on other works of art. Currently I'm enjoying her recaps of the currect PBS broadcasts of the BBC
's 2008 Little Dorrit. I loved that novel which I read while commuting in the Bay Area. But I find I haven't retained much plot.


Bee said...

I did go and read the Poe piece - and was mostly left with the word "indigent." I am amazed by people who are compelled to write, even though it doesn't pay much.

Sig loves The Singing Detective -- but I agree that a chopped-up narrative can be very hard to follow.

You like church for all of the reasons that I don't! Sig and I are going to see "Regulous" on Sunday; apparently it hasn't been a sell-out at our (tiny) local cinema.

Mention of Little Dorrit reminds me that I have book and DVD both to read/watch.

Nimble said...

I hope you enjoy Little Dorrit. It was the book that made me love Dickens. I had tried him occasionally through high school and college but never managed to get through anything. Oh, except for Great Expectations which I didn't like.

I think I owe The Singing Detective an apology. I didn't know it was primarily a trapped-in-his-own-mind kind of story. I was hoping for a lighter sort of pastiche or a more conventional noir, so I'll take the blame for my expectations.