Friday, April 3, 2009

Strike a Pose

The sun has come out again and the temperature is supposed to get up to 60 degrees. But that's not all! Project Runway and a clone will both be back for summer 09!! Project Runway was yanked from Bravo during the last iteration. I haven't followed the hollywood play-by-play but it was going to go to the Lifetime channel. (The home of sad lady revenge stories.) Then there was wrangling which has now been resolved. Plus Bravo is coming back with its own ripoff called Fashion Show, starring Isaac Mizrahi. It will start on May 7th. Squeeee! I trust Bravo to produce something watchable and the Lifetime reanimation might be good. Thank goodness for Project RunGay , those fastidious fashionistos are keeping me informed.

Lexi turns five years old next Friday. What a momentous birthday. Five seems like the end of babydom for sure. I have been having a hard time focusing on this event and on the party we must throw. It seemed very overwhelming. But I think I'm coming out of the fog now and starting to look forward to it. I think we'll do it out of the house, and that will relieve a lot of my stress. The rec center does a gymnastics party that will fit the bill. Nod thinks this is jake and now I just need the birthday girl's okay. I will happily bake her cupcakes for preschool next Friday. And I can bring cake for the party. She and the other five year olds deserve a good time romping and bouncing. The indoor pool does birthday parties but I find that idea too fraught. No potential drownings at any party I'm hosting please. It's a an overreaction, isn't it? I let my kids play in the water and Lexi can't swim yet. But the idea of being responsible for a half dozen or so other kids in the water makes my blood go cold. So we'll keep our parties on dry land to keep me cheerful.

Both grandmas are shopping for easter clothes for the girls. Aw. I have a new skirt and cute heels to wear but need a top. I'm going to put on my skirt and send my mother a picture tonight so she can look for me too. Because apparently I am twelve. I probably have a blouse that would work in a pinch. And yes, having fun dressing up *is* a valid reason to go to church. This week's church homework much easier -- share someone or some situation you want to pray for. I can do that. I often pray before I go to sleep. I started doing it when Lexi was born. I was so full of gratitude to the universe for my children. I had a huge need to say thank you. And it settled my mind when I went to bed and my brain was whirling. Last Sunday after church Katy told me that she didn't believe in God. I thought for a while and then said, "I don't know about God but I believe in church so I'm going to keep going." She agreed that she liked church too. It'll be interesting how this conversation develops over the years. For both of us.

Nod tells me that our first short sale guy has proven to be a weasel. So we'll start again with a new weasel person. I am tempted to get all in a tizzy about this. But I think I will choose to rise above it today. I'll put it into the compartment in my brain reserved for "things that could go wrong with the house." And I'll close that compartment's door and leave it well alone for a few days.

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