Friday, May 15, 2009

Rave and Sartorial

The following is a rave review of the new film Easy Virtue from Kymm Zuckert, actress, dialog coach and dog walker extraordinaire. I love her recaps and reviews which combine uber enthusiasm with an insider's appreciation for acting and film making.
Seriously, people, it's just flat out wonderful!

It's based on a Noel Coward play, and is about an American adventuress who marries into an old money British family in the 1920's and wackiness ensues. It's hilarious, but the serious bits are good as well, it's got some very dark sections for a comedy, but it's what one would expect from Noel Coward, frankly.

Jessica Biel plays the American, and she's quite good, holding her own with Colin Firth and Kristen Scott Thomas as the parents of her new husband, but my absolute favourite was Kris Marshall as the butler, he was in My Family and Love Actually and Murder City, and I've always liked him, but he was really subtle and hysterically funny.

Go see it! Now! I'll wait...
Sounds like my kind of movie that may or may not make it to our local downtown artsy cinema.

Flemish fact of the day: “Sending your cat” means not attending something, i.e. “Many heads of state visited the summit, Barack Obama however, sent his cat”. I got this from the Twice Mice bloggers who write about Belgian cultural curiosities. Linked from the Waffle. I love the metaphor and am going to start using it at the first opportunity.

Go Fug Yourself’s reflection on the recent popularity of rompers (one piece shorts-plus-top thingies) has suddenly opened a flood of memories about the seventh grade Halloween Hassle dance. Ready or not. And by the way is that a weird name for a dance or what? Probably had something to do with the Hustle which was only just out of fashion in northern New Mexico at the time. Was it 7th grade? Can you verify, Danish? I remember that outside of the Pinon Elem. gym with the disco ball, loud music and a few dancers there was a cakewalk (and maybe other games?) I remember that I wore a three tiered gauzy skirt (in a muted purple floral is my best recollection) and a light purple top with such skinny straps that I couldn’t wear a bra with it. And I agonized about that, because the age where one needs a bra was upon me. I decided that the top looked just fine but I was worried about nipple visibility. So I carefully covered my nips with bandaids before dressing. I applaud my ingenuity. Where did I even get that idea? On my feet I wore some v. clunky wooden sandals. Okay, adolescent wardrobe flashback is now done.'

Have a great weekend.


Bee said...

I was going to see Easy Virtue last time we were on the plane, and then my TV screen cut out. I was v. disappointed.

I did see State of Play when we were in Houston, and I really liked it. Russell Crowe may have some personality defects, but he is a really seamless, compelling actor. Underneath all of the conspiracy/murder razzmatazz, I thought that the real theme of the movie was "how are we going to keep big business and government honest if we let print journalism go down the tubes?"

I'm impressed by your recall of Junior High outfits. I can remember thinking that green overalls were the epitome of cuteness.

amenaneri said...

I don't remember why the Halloween Hassle. I think that we the Girl Scouts may have put it on...I remember decorating the Pinon gym for Girl Scouts...otherwise, I've blocked out Jr. High dances except for Karl Thullen declining when I screwed up my courage and asked him to dance...probably why I've blocked the rest out.