Tuesday, May 5, 2009

That Green

Following is Julia’s excellent description of an MRI. I share some of her characteristics (like I am patient and don’t mind lying still for minutes at a time) that you would think would make an MRI a walk in the park. Yet I also pointedly disliked my MRI experience.

MRIs are horrible. I am not claustrophobic. I like machines. I do not mind loud noises. My idea of a good time is to lie perfectly still and do absolutely nothing. And yet even I found the MRI to be awful. It took 45 minutes and after the first five I thought about screaming for help. Something about keeping your head perfectly still... urrrghh.

The story about her grandfather's casual proposal was great too.

Last weekend I finally got the green I was looking for. We had two whole days of a weekend without rain which was a precious precious gift. We went to a private school fundraiser on Saturday afternoon with bands and a playground for the kids. We sat outside and watched birds (red winged blackbirds, sparrows, robins, herons, hawks, itty bitty no name birds) go through the big sky. This is a sweet hippie Waldorf school. I told Nod that I don’t think we have enough $$ to be artistic hippy parents like the folks at this school. The school rents an old public school that’s right up against farm fields. So the green sod goes out to its rectangular corners and then it’s empty plowed land. It was spacious and quiet and wonderful.

When we left we drove farther down the gravel road to see what there was to see. We also got lost but there's really only so lost you can get in this part of the world. All the fields and hills were covered with vivid new green plants. It soothed some part in my brain. As though a hand was petting my head and neck. Green is important to older people. I know the young folks can like nature too. But I didn’t give a fig for plants until I turned thirty. All of a sudden I was intrigued. I remember enjoying the orchids in the Conservatory of Flowers at Golden Gate Park. And realizing that the pleasure I was experiencing just from mooching around looking at plants meant I was OLD!

On our random drive we saw four farm dogs asleep in the gravel road. They chased the car half heartedly. We saw an owl sitting on a fence and waiting for twilight. Very cool! Owls are hard to spot. We saw a coyote who exactly matched the color of the field of stubble he was pooping in. And many many cows including new calves and one enormous bull. Oh and the enormous bull had what looked like poop on one side of his head, don’t know how he managed that. So critters, wild and not, poop, and lots and lots of green. Big relieved sigh.

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Bee said...

My teenager says that I am a "loser" because I like to visit gardens. I think, in this case, that is another word for OLD. Just as you surmise.

LOVE this May green so much.

And yes, it takes lots of moolah to be a Waldord hippie. (Do they do any scholarships? Really, they should.)