Tuesday, May 26, 2009

White Noise

Odds and ends and no theme is the theme du jour.

The maternal voice
Picking up Lexi at preschool. She’s in the playground. I can tell that she’s seen me but has made no eye contact and my “Lexi……. Lexi……. Lexi! Alexandra!” is unanswered. I call it the white noise of the maternal voice. I must admit that this incident was noticeable because usually she greets me happily and opens the gate. I guess she just wasn’t ready to stop playing that day. But I am thoroughly acquainted with being unheard. Generally Katy and Lexi are talking or bickering amongst themselves when they fail to hear my suggestions/requests/demands. I had a shouty week last week and I am going to make an effort to use other techniques. Maybe whispering or broad comedy; it helps to surprise them. I read a blog comment that was advice from a mom on dealing with a whining toddler. When the whine cranks up, she brings her hand up to her ear with a big flourish and says, “Say Whaaaaaaaat?!” . She reports that it cracks them all up. Sounds like more fun than correcting the behavior.

Cats come from...?
Via 3quarks, an article about the search for the origin of the domestic cat. My favorite sentence is the following parenthetical comment. “Oddly, domestic cats seem to have reached the British Isles before the Romans brought them over—a dispersal that researchers cannot yet explain.” I love that little mystery.

Quiet travelers
And via Kottke here is some travel advice for the introvert. This is really good stuff. The obligation to have a good time when on a big trip can be oppressive. Acknowledging your own peculiar way of engaging when traveling is a plus. Do what you can do and don't regret what you can't do.

Another travel related blog I read is Eileen's Bear Shaped Sphere. She's an American expat who lives in Chile. She writes like a dream and I especially love her language commentary about living with English and Spanish.

Health indicator
I am in the process of outlasting a nasty cold. The first day of this cold made me indifferent to life but it's been much better since then. I am sick of being sick now though. Maybe I'll try a new cough syrup for variety.

Book update
I finished Michael Chabon's Yiddish Policeman's Union and loved it. I am with the reviewers who commented that the ending was unsatisfying when compared to the whirling chugging middle of the book. But what a good read. The title was a bit confusing for me. I kept wanting to call it the Yiddish Policeman's Other Ball. I suppose I really should read Kavalier and Clay now.

Up top
aubergines! eggplants! purple!

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Eileen said...

hey! thanks for the shout out! I had seen you over there in Lawrence a number of times (well, I'm guessing it was always you, maybe others living nearby), and catalogued it in my brain as "people who come to my blog from places I've been in the past but where I don't currently know anyone." I spent a lovely fireworky very hot 4th of July weekend in Lawrence a long, long time ago. With a tri-colored jello mold of the United States. It was so spiffy!

I'm sure I'll be back to see what else is going on with you, thanks for commenting, etc!