Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Comin In

Quest successful

My tikka masala kicked butt. It made enough sauce for twice as much meat. And I discovered that spiced and yogurted chicken breast under the broiler is delicious. So I learned much and enjoyed much tasty food. Ground coriander is one of the things I have been missing in my life.

That reminds me of a tacky woo-woo horror novel I once read in Santa Barbara. Well, I started it there and abandoned it when the atmospheric build up got tedious. It concerned a young woman who may or may not have been the embodiment of some bloodthirsty female deity. The book comes to mind now because of the many times her cinnamon and coriander perfume was mentioned. (Note to that author -- too many times!)

Next up cooking-wise: green chile stew. I've thawed my pork and my green chile and I'm ready to roll!

FB etiquette

Just had an old friend I was wondering about pop up on Facebook, that’s fun. And to make things interesting, I had another ‘old friend’ send me a msg. I don’t know what to do about her. I remember spending a lot of time in high school walking back and forth to the playing fields with her for PE and listening to her long and rambling pathological lies. It took me months to figure out that they were lies. I started out believing them and thought she’d had a really interesting life. But eventually the mountain of unfeasibility was more than I could ignore. Now I am less than enthusiastic about reestablishing any ties whatsoever. What would you do? “Friend” her or ignore?

Ghostie toasties

There has been a ghost story theme going around some of the bloggers I read. Here's the link to Antonia's request for ghost stories (lots to read in the comments and links there too) and then her *favorite* story illustrated.

I don't believe in ghosts. Mostly. I have enough to worry about on the physical plane. But I don't mind a good ghost story from time to time.

Summer solstice

Is upon us. I can tell because of the long daylight hours and the end of the fiscal year rush at work. It's taking a certain amount of energy. But I do feel productive. Should be more peaceful in the coming weeks. Happy summer, all.


The Nag said...

I accept almost anyone as a Facebook friend. The one exception would be my son's ex. I never met her but their breakup was quite acrimonious and it would be hurtful to him if I friended her.

Bee said...

I wish that I could have some of your tikka masala. I've been having strange cravings for it, and have actually eaten the Marks and Spencer ready-made version twice in the past week.

I advise not befriending the liar from days gone by. I regret befriending some of the odd HS non-friends who now clutter my space.

Nimble said...

To The Nag: I keep hearing my great aunt's voice in my head. She counseled always returning a phone call or letter. I'm sure she'd vote for inclusion in Facebook too.

To Bee: And yet... I think I'll send her a quick message in response to hers and then not add her.
Thanks for the scrabblish invite, by the way!

amenaneri said...

Well, now you must say who this person is, so I can pass judgment on their Friend-worthiness. I've stopped friending everyone. Only people that I'm honestly curious about how they turned out.

And the good thing about FB is that you can de-friend people without it notifying the person. Unless they have no other friends, or are pathetic enough to check who's still their friend all the time...