Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green Goose

This is the funniest error page I have seen in a while. (I was trying to find out what a "green goose" is, referred to in Mansfield Park as a disappointment to Dr. Grant who has to be consoled by his wife. Maybe it's a recipe? There is another comment about Dr. Grant complaining to his wife whenever the cook does something wrong.) I love the consolation offered at the bottom of the page: "Here is a picture of Colin Firth." The "now bugger off" is understood.

Yesterday evening brought one of the most dramatic stormscapes I've ever seen, bearing down from the north. Nod and I took the kids to the empty lot across the street to watch it come in. The clouds were every shade of gray. And then as they were almost upon us there were aqua and purple shades too, quite bruise-y. A cool wind came in ahead of the clouds, very welcome after the Hot wet blanket we had had. I thought we were in for hail if not worse, but it was only some heavy rain and then lighter showers. With plenty of lightning, thunder and a few power flickers. Drama, we got midwest weather drama.

Which reminds me The Fashion Show is on tonight. I'm about to turn off our satellite tv for a couple of months so I'd better enjoy it. Even though it's awful. This show has turned out to not have nearly the heart of Project Runway. And that one was bitchy, it shouldn't be hard to be as nice as they were. But it is. The host and hostess sneer and rarely come up with insightful comments. There is no advocate or supporter for the designers like Tim Gunn was on PR. It's a sad mess which I'm going to watch one more time.


lauratd said...

I watch all my tv online- so private message me if you want hints on how to find hard to find tv shows online.

I so agree that Fashion Show needs a Tim Gunn. The British, Canadian, and Australian versions of PR have substitutes but none come close. The Australian one is nice, but he just doesn't cut it and the British one is a complete turd.

I actually think every show needs Tim Gunn. In fact I need Tim Gunn to follow me around and let me know when I might need to rethink something or to urge me to just "make it work" or maybe just to enjoy an evening at the Red Lobster.

Bee said...

I'll watch for the green goose thing.

What I really like is your description of the bruised sky. I would LOVE to have a great cracking thunderstorm right now. There is such a heaviness to the air.