Monday, June 8, 2009

Mini mysteries entry

Now that I've finished it, Kingdom of Lies by Lee Wood, is still bugging me. The sex scene turned out to be better than the foreshadowing. But then we had an 'I can't trust you because you lied to me. And I have a past trauma. And I lied to you but I had a good reason' sequence that hacked me off. The cop protagonist getting beaten up scene was good. But the murder vic remained a weird cipher who had all these handy lurid qualities. A mixed performance, some of it handled well and some clumsily. With a better end than expected. Ho hum.

I'm going to try Nesbo's The Redbreast, translated from the Norwegian. I found a recommendation here when I was looking for reviews of Fred Vargas novels. Here is their review of my favorite Vargas novel so far, This Night's Foul Work.

There is a new Lindsey Davis book out and I've just checked and my library *has* received its copies! Alexandria another Marcus Didius Falco novel. An ancient roman detective novel doesn't sound very bright, but wait. The author's knowledge of roman history is deep and her world building is very strong. Add a great sense of humor, reliable stock characters and a brisk plot -- just my cup of tea.

Mm, mysteries.

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amenaneri said...

Your comments about Fred Vargas reminded me that I'm a little criminal and never returned either your Alice in Wonderland and that Fred Vargas novel that you bought while here. You do still want them, yes?

Bad friend, I...