Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Springy Hope

The bank has given us a loan modification and we are grateful. Our mortgage payment will be reduced by $600 down to around $1,400 per month. Still high for the property but so much better. Nod’s employment situation continues to dangle in the balance. (Dangle in the jungle?) He’s not sure whether he’ll make his quota of sales by the July deadline. If not he says he’ll take a warehouse job or something. Lexi will be done at the most excellent Montessori preschool after July so that’s another $500 per month off our expenses. Lord, even without a gainfully employed husband our finances are looking up.

Did I mention that our A/C is broken? In the event that we ever have enough regular income to have an emergency savings account I would like to put about $1,600 a year in there. My sense of our average Murphy’s Law unexpected expense is that it’s $800 every six months. But not every six months so we could build up a cushion there, maybe.

Julia and the Hour Before Dinner
I have pasted a very large piece of Julia’s latest post below. Luckily her original post is very long so I comfort myself that *percentagewise* I’m not ganking an excessive amount. She describes the daily routine for her family of five. FYI older brother Patrick is 6 or 7 y.o. and the twins Caroline and Edward are about 17 mos.

Right now we have a weekday routine in place. First everyone oversleeps and then there is a mad dash to get Patrick fed and dressed and lunchboxed and take-home foldered, while Caroline and Edward totter around all bleary and hungry and demanding their damned breakfasts. Eventually Steve and Patrick make it out the door ten minutes behind schedule and Caroline Edward and I say, well, thank heavens that's over. Then some of us eat french toast and some of us drink tea. Then we play. Errands maybe. A walk. Lunch. Nap. All very civilized and leisurely. Patrick gets dropped off around four and depending upon his mood he is either a thing of beauty and a joy forever or forty-seven inches of grievance. Either way I give him a snack. Then the afternoon free-falls into sixty/ninety minutes of oh-my-god-shut-up-all-of-you- I-cannot-believe-you-do-not-shut-up while all three children decide they are hungry and a little tired and bored maybe and each one needs to tell me about their problems in agonizing detail; generally at the exact moment I am trying to move a cast-iron skillet full of hot grease. Or just as dinner prep reaches a crisis point the random starfish bath toy that has been lying under the breakfast bar for three weeks becomes as hotly contested as the Rhineland, with Edward screaming for it and Caroline running with it and Patrick swooping in to confiscate it without any authority whatsoever. The little ones howl and Patrick talks talks talks me to death about how, technically, it used to be his starfish bath toy and since he never officially gave it to them it is still his, so, really, he has the right to blah blah and the whole time he is holding it above his head and Caroline and Edward are jumping for it and screaming.

God I hate the hour before dinner.

She has perfectly captured the sibling crescendo of angst that happens so often before dinner. I only have two kids but her description rings so true. What a gorgeous stream of consciousness writer she is.

Here’s something that’s magic: push ups. It only takes a few days to feel results from them. I’m only doing cheater pushups (from my knees) at present, but I can feel a difference in muscle tone. It’s not visible yet but I figure by the end of June I’ll be upper-arm-proud once more. The other exercise I’m doing that I’m in love with right now is relev├ęs. Good old basic ballet barre exercise, rising up onto my toes, balancing for a few seconds and then bringing my heels down to the floor gently. I'm doing them without support so it's great for balance, and I can feel it in the muscles from my feet to my shoulders.

I've made myself yawn with the report of my exercise routine, but I hope to keep it up. (The exercise, not the yawning.)

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Bee said...

I have just started doing push-ups again. I was feeling really mushy. I am also doing a couple of really hard yoga thingies (the plank?) in my body pump class.

I had to stop reading the stream-of-consciousness Mommy thing. I can't go back to that.

I'm happy that you are trimming the monthly budget. I will also cross fingers for Nod's job situation.