Monday, June 1, 2009

Wonky and Far

Things are happening in my sinus cavities. I feel pressure, creaking and prickling. There are spaces up there for the first time in days. It reminds me of getting water up my nose when swimming or the opposite -- being overly dried out in the high altitude desert. I have never been in a diving bell but I imagine that this shifting pressure feels like going up and down in one.

I conclude that my summer cold is doing new things. Apparently this cold is not done with me. But the change in symptoms could be its death throes. I am dosing myself with Tylenol and Laffy Taffy. (I wanted Starburst but couldn't find any nearby.) My husband brought home elderberry concentrate to "boost my immune system." It's pretty tannic but okay when drowned in grape juice. I take a multivitamin and some extra Vitamin C. And that's all I can do so that's enough about that.

I put Katy on a plane to Albuquerque by herself on Saturday. I was flustered. I had trouble finding the right parking garage and then I forgot to check in at the gate. So there was some tense flurrying. But Katy was cool as a cuke and she did just fine. 7 is such a competent age. It sounds as though her grandmother is wearing them both out with fun activities. I miss her. I forget where she is and then I remember. The house is much quieter and I find myself listening for her. I will be very glad to pick her up on Saturday.


The Subtle Rudder said...

Ooh, love those eggplants!

I assume you've been using your neti pot, like a dutiful Lawrence hippie? If not, try it for next cold (which I'm hoping is many seasons away). Nothing like a nasal douche to wash the plugged-up gunge away.

Feel better!

Bee said...

It just amuses me to think of you dosing your cold with Laffy Taffy. I've had a bad candy thing going on ever since I brought home my favorites from TX -- which luckily, are now gone.

It is AMAZING how different the family balance is when you take one child out. Both of mine are going to fly to Texas this summer. It's the first time we've done that. Katy is starting early!

(What do you do about childcare in the summers? That must be tough.)

Nimble said...

TSR: No, I haven't neti'd. I know about it -- a Berkeley friend showed me hers (ha) years ago. This cold wasn't the streaming nose kind. But maybe the saline head flush would have helped. After two weeks one is ready to try new things.

Bee: Soft candies soothed my throat without irritating my tongue like lozenges. That was my excellent rationalization. Good luck with your own sugar monkey.

Lexi is really having a good time as the sole kid. And the reports back from ABQ have been great -- K and my mom are both having a good time. So I'm pleased but still looking forward to Sat. Katy is a good traveler. I'm sure your kids will be thrilled to go. And you'll be glad when they come home!

Finding summer kid care still seems like a steep hill. There is a Boys & Girls Club summer program through the school district that Katy did last year and will do again this summer. But they leave a week at the beginning of the summer and one at the end unaccounted for. Currently unknown what we'll do about that week in August...