Friday, July 10, 2009

Comments and Emma tidbits

Why blog commenting is hard. I have been thinking about this because I am a voracious blog reader but an infrequent commenter. Recently Schmutzie asked all readers to post a comment, tell where they were located and answer a question. (It was a great question: What crazy belief did you have as a child?) But instead of making me want to comment, most blog posts inspire me to the following reactions: 1. Whee! You're right and you stated that in a funny way -- I have nothing to add! 2. I think you're wrong but I like your writing. 3. Your life is summoning my pity. Or last but perhaps most frequent: 4. That reminds me of something in my life. Attaboy flattery comments get boring really quick. Goofy jokey responses can be fun or can fall flat, especially considering vastly different senses of humor. Self involved answers can seem selfish and be off topic. (Oh you and your husband both lost your jobs in the same week? That reminds me of my personal financial woes which don't resemble yours, but they're still woes!) If there's an established commenter group that can be intimidating too. Excuses all. Will make an effort and comment on something today.

Gems from Emma
"...and half an hour's uninterrupted communication of all those little matters on which the daily happiness of private life depends, was one of the first gratifications..." So well put, the comforts and joys of female relating. The satisfaction of telling a sympathetic friend all the tiny ups and downs of the day. Something I get from blogging often enough these days. But I'm still hoping to establish a few local friends who like to share these things.

"It was rather too late in the day to set about being simple-minded and ignorant" Ha.

"Human nature is so well disposed towards those who are in interesting situations, that a young person, who either marries or dies, is sure of being kindly spoken of." That phrase 'interesting situations' is wry but the meaning seems warm. A little arch but warm, it's an uncommon combination.


Bee said...

You sum up the problem of blog commenting so well . . . and yet I almost always leave a comment, mostly because at least the person knows you were there. Actually, I don't mind at all/kind of like it when people use my blog posts as a springboard to their own lives. I find that interesting . . .
do know what you mean about closed friendship communities, though, although I don't encounter them too often. Funnily enough, one blog that I read but rarely comment on is Belgian Waffle. She intimidates me for all the reasons that you listed.

Thanks for sharing a bit of JA. (I love that you are working your way through her repertoire.) I think she is BRILLIANT.

Last thing: I watched three episodes of Little Dorrit while I was ironing today. It reminded me of you.

Nimble said...

Nice to hear your thoughts about this BB. I am finishing up my last evening in NM and ready to go home. Memorial service was good but I feel exhausted.

amenaneri said...

I also am thrilled to hear you are working your way through Austen. Seems to me you're working your way up. You certainly started with my least favorite 2, although I think Emma would be my 3rd favorite...although it depends on my mood.

In order: I think my favorite must remain Pride and Prejudice, stereotypical as that is, then Persuasion if I'm feeling melancholy, or Emma's close behind for sheer fun, then S&S, NA and MP.

Emma is the funniest damn book! Didn't Mrs. Sharp have us read that in high school? I think much of the humor was lost on me then, but perhaps not. When we read this for my book club, I started a file of my favorite quotes, 2 of which you nailed. I like the bit right after what you quoted though, too:
"It was rather too late in the day to set about being simple-minded and ignorant; but she left her with every previous resolution confirmed of being humble and discreet, and repressing imagination all the rest of her life."

"I have no hesitation in saying," replied Mr. Elton, though hesitating a good deal while he spoke; "I have no hesitation in saying..."

"but the girl who could be gratified by a Robert Martin's riding about the country to get walnuts for her might very well be conquered by Mr. Elton's admiration."

"John loves Emma with a reasonable and therefore not a blind affection, and Isabella always thinks as he does; except when he is not quite frightened enough about the children."

Or my very favorite:
"Mr. Knightley seemed to be trying not to smile; and succeeded without difficulty, upon Mrs. Elton's beginning to talk to him."

Glad you had fun in NM.

Bee said...

I came back to read your comment and was intrigued by Amenareri's ranking of JA's works. I totally agree with it! It also struck me that you started with my least favorites.