Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Flyday

I had a recent "health screening" appointment. I did it to get the $50 gift card which was the carrot for state employees. They took my ht and wt (I kicked off my shoes for this and exposed a hole in my sock. How old am I?) and stuck my finger to measure cholesterol. I had to fast but had a 7am appt. so it was relatively painless. The peanut butter and honey on whole wheat sandwich I ate in the parking lot afterwards tasted heavenly. My 'good' HDL cholesterol is low. My 'bad' LDL cholesterol is low. Cardio exercise is supposed to help raise HDL levels. And you can take omega 3 supplements (fish or flax). I have tried walking at my lunch hour but haven't made it more than twice a week so far. This week I haven't been out walking once. Walking fast sounds so good to me right now. It's not very hot (highs weirdly in the 80s again) and the illusion of flight is appealing as well as the idea of helping my physical being. I have to figure out how to make it happen.

Additional important news about me: I don't like hazelnut butter in chocolate. I like hazelnuts (or filberts as my mother calls them) just fine on their own but praliné filled things, the Belgian specialty, leave me cold no matter how good the chocolate is. I just ate one to make sure. Yup, still don't like it. It tastes unctuous (which ought to be good but not in this case) and almost spoiled to me. Which seems unfair -- why am I prevented from enjoying this variety of luxury chocs?! I like plain chocolate of all qualities and don't mind crispy rice (I typed 'krispy' first, packaging spelling is getting to me), coconut or almonds. Cookie (twix etc) tastes good every once in a while. I went off of peanuts for a while but am back to them now. Just no high falutin praliné, thanks very much.

Nod had the meeting with the bankruptcy attorney yesterday. He was dreading it but came back in a much better mood. The remedy is there and will help us. So far we are looking at chapter 7 b/k and giving up the house. I think that's best although there will be the chaos of moving and apt. hunting. It should buy us a few more months in the house at any rate so I can get methodical about how we will dispose of / contain our belongings. Nod is also finding jobs to apply for. He had two interviews this week and has two scheduled for next week. I'm so glad he's able to carry on.

I'm ready to leave for the week. It's very quiet here so lots of us are on vacation. Next week there will be more instructors in town prepping for the start of the semester. Turn turn turn. Happy weekend, all.


The Subtle Rudder said...

Ooh, love your banner image...that's good news about the house. As much of a pain as it is/will be, being out from under the weight of it will be so freeing...almost like flight without the effort. And hey, we'll all be the crankiest greeters at Walmart in our 80s, so what the hell...most of us are in the same flotilla, if not the exact same boat.

Nimble said...

TSR: thanks -- I love those Russian lions too. Yeah, it will certainly be interesting to see where everything is at in twenty years. I have a feeling I will be in no danger of murder for the inheritance I'll leave.

Bee said...

Possessions and money (and the worry about the government not getting hold of it) are their own cage, I guess. I just had to renew our house insurance, which is annoying. It's left me wishing that we had fewer "contents."

I've decided that my life philosophy boils down to this: There is always a silver lining.

Your health check (I always take off my shoes; doesn't everyone?) reminds me that I need to have one. I've no idea what my cholesterol is doing. It hasn't been monitored since my pregnancies.