Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Misc.


An article about writer Jack Vance in the NY Times. Found via the Crooked Timber post and discussion that I'm still reading through. Mmm, vicious fantasy adventure stories with elaborate and drily humorous language. I am not widely read in Vance, but I love what I've found. It's nice knowing that there's lots more out there left to find too. I loved reading that PGW is his literary hero. And what a great two syllable name he has: Jack Vance. You can practically see the testosterone shimmer coming off of it. Perhaps related: he never wrote a good female character. Someone in the CT discussion describes him as one of those "reactionary artists whose work I love anyway." Yup.


Because it made me laugh, here’s a link to a list of revered literary works the article writers say you can safely skip: http://thesecondpass.com/?p=1663 (via kottke.org)

I’ve read two on the list: 100 Yrs of Solitude which I loved; Absalom Absalom which was fun because I read it for book group and I enjoyed listening to people complain about it. I also enjoyed the texture of his prose which is like nothing else.

I wish it was real

Hello Kitty Vader from the recent Hello Kitty post at Cake Wrecks. Scroll down, the rest of the post is just mediocre for Cake Wrecks. But that photoshopped Vader costume is mind blowing.

Awww Dept.

Yesterday Lexi came home and asked for reindeer (Ranier) cherries. She's my dumpling. I got to watch her at the playground on Sunday evening, jumping to catch onto bars to swing from. She was happy and beautiful and I felt very lucky.

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