Thursday, July 2, 2009


Northanger Abbey was a lovely little read. The narrative voice was charming, very light and spry. I found some notes by Ellen Moody on N.A. that our heroine and hero, Catherine and Henry, are likable because they are "beautifully good natured." How true. The joke is that the author has created a heroine unfit for the overwrought emotions and adventures of a novel. She is healthy, cheerful and her naivety is perfectly appropriate to her seventeen years. Much more enjoyable to read about to my taste than the extremely sensitive and scrupulous Fanny Price.

No ear complaints from Katy yesterday. I do suspect she may have been inflating the degree of pain in her enjoyment of the drama of discomfort. She squeals lately whenever she bumps an extremity. It's a sound that saps all sympathy.

Lexi enjoyed her pizza outing and came home with multiple new tiny rubber animals (25 cent crap vending machines).

My latest fairly pointless parent dilemma: should I teach my kids to cuss? To this point Nod and I have both been very good about keeping our cussing away from the kids. So now I hear Katy hissing Absolutely Not! at her sister when she's mad. Or saying Jeez! And I congratulate myself on that. But on the other hand, I don't want them to be baffled or hurt by cusswords they encounter later. I felt very uncomfortable with the cussing I encountered in junior high and beyond. Then I enjoyed exercising the f word in college. I have thought about listing a few of the top ten words for Katy. Especially after she was asking me what sticking up your middle finger meant. Nah, laziness and the knowledge that they are still little have won for the moment. I will pledge to define as needed in the future.

Speaking of educating the children about dicey topics, I found a good sex ed book at the library: It's So Amazing by Robie Harris. Lexi was asking some anatomy questions and that book had the best pictures of girl parts I could find. Girl parts are a little hard to understand so I appreciate an illustrator who can deal. We've flipped through and read most of the chapters now. My audience was most interested in the hardware for girls and boys and about baby formation.

We're scampering off to Missouri to spend the 4th by the river. It should be a fun getaway, I'm looking forward to it. Laundry and packing are not insurmountable obstacles. Although I've thought of about a dozen errands to do tomorrow morning. Perhaps I should get a few done tonight. Happy summer, all!


Bee said...

(chuckling) I think that you can allow a little more time to go by before the cussing lessons. I remember hearing the F-word for the first time when I was in third grade. I wonder what is average?

Enjoy your 4th!

(And please read Persuasion next!)

Nimble said...

Mm, sorry to disappoint but I think it will be Emma next. Mostly because the Jane Austen and Food book has its last chapter on Emma and I can't remember much from my senior year of h.s. reading.

But I'll put Persuasion after that.