Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last weekend's play by play

Saturday, determined to enjoy cool non muggy weather this weekend. Up and at ‘em with the kids. Got package ready to mail. Got children and husband to contribute notes/pictures for package. Took youngest child with me to post office. Post office strangely quiet, only one person ahead of us. Mailed pkg, picked up husb’s registered letter from atty. The one that tells us that the mortgage holder actually wants all that money we haven’t paid since March. But I’ve already cried over that so I felt nothing but happy with little girl who is looking for metal things to stick her magnetic doll to. Inside mailbox handles, fail. Outside railings, success! We cruise over to the Catholic thrift shop. School desk out front tempts me. We go through the kid clothes and sewing stuff. Lexi decides she doesn’t need any of the toys (hurray). School desk still available, $3, twist my arm. It almost fits in the hatchback; I drive back quietly so as not to bang the back windshield against it. Friend calls, walk to park for free music? Yes. It was an all day fundraiser for the local American music school. (They need some volunteer web help too.) Music midday was painfully dull (“Where have all the flowers gone” played by the cheery folks just 10 or 15 years older than we are. Truly should have been a private, not a public performance.) But the actual flowers in the park were dazzling and it was a great day to play Frisbee with Katy.

Returned after early dinner. Oh but first Lexi threw a tantrum when I wouldn’t disconnect hose from outside tap. Then Katy burst into tears when it was revealed I had mailed the wrong drawing to our cousins. I had no idea what demons had crawled inside them. But it was just hunger. Feeding restored tempers and we boogied back to the park. Music much better at this point in the lineup and the crowd was filling out too. It sounded as though they had made some money already. Good. Cowgirl band and a great local group that played Keep on the Sunny Side, Dark as a Dungeon, and that old country classic Tequila! They also played one I’d never heard. Some research reveals that it’s ‘The Gold Rush Is Over and the Bum’s Rush is On' by Hank Snow. Highly recommended.

Sunday, felt like I was moving through water or maybe had invisible heavy boots on. I was slow but efficient. Grocery store quiet. This must be the week that everyone is on vacation, our town is really sleepy. (Note to add that my commute has gone from 8 and a half minutes to 3 minutes. Freaky.) Told Nod that I was waiting for this malaise to go ahead and be my period already. if I didn’t start bleeding then I would just have to cut my head off. Reconsidered, too much work. I enjoyed going to church. Both girls need haircuts. Lexi tells me she wants hers bobbed chin length again. I keep asking her about it and she’s sure. So I think I’ll take her to the kid haircut shop on the east side. With a photo.

Monday morning finally brought the shedding of the uterine lining. Whew. The thing about pms is that you worry that it’s the new normal. No doubt I will look back on this in ten years and laugh.

Reading Robert Graves’ memoir Goodbye to All That. He had ten brothers and sisters. The last two were born when his mother was 44 and 48 years old. Good gravy. Sure hope I don’t get to experience that.


Bee said...

Very intrigued by the Graves memoir. My great-grandmother had a child at 48: A hideous fate for any woman. Childbirth and childrearing is best done during the 20s and 30s, I think. I'm already ready to move on to selfish and self-absorbed middle-age (and I wouldn't mind doing away with the monthly curse, either).

Went to my first Jane Austen House lecture tonight. An American professor is writing a book on the reader's personal relationship with Jane. I thought of you . . . does the Graves book mean that you won't be reading the Austen oeuvre straight-through?

Nimble said...

Oh I'm reading several things at a time. I will make a full report when I get the blog updated.

That's really cool about your Jane Austen in depth prep.

I believe that birth control is a precious tool for women to be able to choose their way in the world. Not kidding, it's above price.