Friday, July 10, 2009

Yesterday's post today!

From Jonniker's comment section for the baby name discussion:

"... my best friend worked in a NICU for awhile, and the best name story she has is the name La-a. The doctor came in and said, “La … a?” And the mother said, “No, it’s pronounced LADASHA.” TRUE. STORY."

Wow. It took me a minute to even get that one. And then there are two more examples of the Pronounced Dash, so it's a whole trend I didn't know about.

Names are the most fun, aren't they? I had a wonderful time arguing with Nod about names while pregnant. We have a daughter Elizabeth in the parallel universe in which the two of us could agree on a nickname for that wonderful name. Damn, I still regret that just a little. There are so many! Betty, Bess, Eliza, Lizzie, Ellie, it just goes on and on. Someone else admitted in those comments that as a high schooler she had wanted to name a baby Skilre (to be pronounced Skyler). She was properly abashed. I have admitted before to having a teenage dalliance with the Elizabeth variant 'Elspeth' which at the time seemed all ancient and magic-y. But now seems just devolved and dorklike.

Cake alert!

Here's what I baked on Wednesday evening.

My variations: I made it with two peaches, peeled and diced instead of the berries. And I used plain yogurt instead of the buttermilk. It was scrumptious. We ate it up for dessert last night and breakfast this morning.

The smitten Deb is pregnant and I figure she went and did that because it's about the only thing that could make this cooking blog more attractive. She's stylish and casual and NY chic. With her fastidious nature she produces pretty pictures and well enunciated cooking instructions.

Off to ABQ this weekend, to visit the relations and say goodbye to my great aunt Betty. She was a lovely person. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

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Bee said...

The name thing made me laugh. My mom collects "good" ones from the newspaper and sometimes mails them to me.

Would write more but it is late and I need to go to bed!