Friday, August 21, 2009


My boss told us a story yesterday that her husband had brought back from his weekend of camping in Oklahoma. He was in line behind an rv camper who was complaining to the campsite office that there were way too many trees around his site. All those dang trees were preventing his satellite tv from receiving a signal and he was really steamed about it. We laughed but I wondered how prevalent this was. Dr. Google to the rescue. Here's a page of campground reviews from the perspective of the rv'er who values wifi, cable TV and good clear satellite reception (i.e. not too many damn trees). Amazing world we live in. Philistines in my view, but sounds like there must be plenty who feel this way.

We camped last weekend. Just one night out on a sandbar in the middle of the Missouri River. Our wonderful relatives hosted and packed the boat full of supplied and wrangled the tents into submission etc. etc. They are saintly. It was tiring but fun. The kids were extremely excited about the whole camping concept and about being out in a giant sandbox.

Still lots of worky work here at work. But I had my really shitty day earlier in the week so I feel like it's downhill from here. (The good kind of downhill, where you don't have to keep climbing). I'm done having my nose out of joint after my boss sent me an email to tell me how she didn't like how I'd been doing my paper pushing. I have done what she asked even though I didn't like how she asked for it. And both my cramps and the rain have stopped. So it's a beautiful day today. Hello, you beautiful Friday afternoon, you!

Zing lived up to her name and after her spaying last week continued to run around and play and run and up and down the stairs. And after a week had pulled out all but one of her belly stitches. I had Nod get a collar to put on her head but then I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was worried about the vision of her thrashing into walls trying to get it off. Nod took her to the vet's office yesterday and they gave her antibiotics, recommended keeping her confined in a carrier and insisted on the collar. So we're doing that. And she mostly holds still while she has the collar on so her belly is looking better already. I r idiot re: spayed cat bellies. Live and learn.

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Bee said...

It does seem like the point of camping is to listen to the air moving through the trees and the wonderful sound that it makes . . . and to forget about TV. But that's just me.