Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fair Time

County fair barrel racing was good free fun last Friday evening. Half a moon rising in a beautiful twilight while the horse folk groomed sleek beasts and rode. MIL took the girls this morning early to see the llama show. I'm jealous. We will probably all go out to the carnival later tonight.

Over the weekend we hit the zoo and playground and carousel in Topeka. (That zoo link is not very interesting and I'm surprised that no one has created a website for the whole park. I'm not even bothering to link the wikipedia entry as it's paltry and missing vital ingredients.) Much fresh air and sunshine was imbibed. The lions were reclining in the shade when we went by them in the late afternoon. There were two females lying up against the glass in the viewing corner. So we were only inches away from them. Amazing. The only unpleasant event was Nod's carousel injury. Men, learn from his mistake. Keep your jewels away from the carousel pole! It pinches. (He has made a full recovery.) Otherwise we were all smiles.

Avant moi, le deluge. The first day of fall classes is 8/20. Our pace in the office is picking up and will reach fever pitch in the next two weeks. Blogging will be scarce.


Bee said...

Your fair sounds like so much fun. I miss these little things.

Do NOT MISS back-to-school at the University, though. I remember the chaos well. I bet you've enjoyed the quieter summer!

Nimble said...

I love the county fair. It's little and poky and adorable. We went on the last night and watched part of the auction. They auction off the animals that the 4Hers have raised. They had *real* auctioneers calling and were trying to gin up good money for the kids to put in their college funds, it was cool! No big crowds either night we went; I felt sorry for the carnies and the vendors. Hope everyone is feeling more flush next year.

It's not as busy as I expected by now. I actually look forward to the extra liveliness. But my extra curricular reading does get curtailed.