Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kit Kat and Socking it Away

A cat adopted us a week ago. She showed up in the yard while Nod was working outside. And wouldn't leave, mewing at the door. He fed her, which I thought was not a good idea. She was hungry but she had a flea collar on and looked clean and healthy. No ribs poking out. It was the end of July/beginning of August moving weekend. In our town that's when most of the students do their move outs/ move ins. So I guess she got lost. She didn't seem to have claws and I relented on the feeding front. I decided she could stay while we looked for her owners.

We checked the listings for lost cats and posted signs on our corner. No dice. All the lost cat postings in our area were for gray cats. We let her in the house and that was that. She's little and gentle (no biting or scratching) and likes people. She comes running if you call to her. The girls are delighted and we grups are pleased too.

So far Zing is very easy to live with. Except for going into heat. But even that hasn't been too annoying as she's so small and quiet. Her spay appointment is tomorrow. The vet told us that she's somewhere between 8 and 12 months old and weighs just under 8 pounds. Her claws have grown back, so she wasn't declawed, just ground them down while sleeping rough I guess. She is a light orange cat with orange brown eyes, a buff belly and a floofy tail. I find her tail shape intriguing and wish I could think of more words to describe it. A bit like a plume, not la plume de ma tante, but an ostrich plume. Very flexible. The long hair is beginning to float around our house and a new vacuuming regime will need to begin. I'm handling the cat pan so I think Nod will be promoted to Captain Vacuum.

Bankruptcy learning continues. When you declare bankruptcy the court seizes your assets (except for the excepted ones, like cars, whew) to pay your bills. Which makes sense. And while it's a good thing that we're doing this now before we're so strapped we can't afford to move, that means we have more money in the bank than we want to give to the court. That sounds grasping and I am forced to admit that maybe that is the most economical description. We need to decide the timing of the bankruptcy and do something with the money that remains to us before declaring. I've learned that we'll be in the house for longer than I realized, six to nine months after declaring b/k. So that puts us to late winter, early spring before we would be out of lodging. Interesting.

Older notes, not revised:
Mother in law has been wonderful with children this week. I think they have not been crabby with her, but she might not tell me even if they were. She called this morning to ask if she would be stepping on any toes if she took them clothes shopping at Target. I assured her that no toes would be harmed and that she would probably get big interest from the kids. I suggested that she try to find a pair of shoes for Lexi. I didn't mean to play a trick on her with that. Lexi got very very picky about what shoes she would put on her feet this past spring. They can't be too big or too squeezy and I get frustrated very quickly when shopping with her. At least I know that I have to have her with me now when trying to shoe her. MIL will be with us until early Sunday morning. What a generous loving soul she is. And I'll be glad to say goodbye and have my space back. But I'm glad that I got over my snit last weekend and I have been sincerely grateful for her presence this week.

It feels like so much is shifting right now. Thank you forces of change; we're ready to ride. New cat, new commute strategy and parking lot; new job for Nod, new school for Lexi; new home to come.

Got a call from Nod at the b/k atty today saying something about a "spend down" and that maybe I should open an IRA. Ugh. More things I don't understand. So I guess we don't get to keep all our money in the bank if we're claiming that we can't meet our debts? Okay, sounds reasonable. But how do we live and pay for a new apt. in particular if we have to give up that money? More grilling of Nod to come tonight.

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Bee said...

I'm confused and concerned about your bankruptcy issues.

Thank goodness your new cat is not of the bitey persuasion. We have one of those and it is not nice.

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