Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Siris' Comments on a clip from The Onion in which the essential meaninglessness of life is confronted during an NFL coin toss.

"What the Jags need to do, of course, is to recognize, perhaps by reading Simone de Beauvoir, that a distinction can be made between absurdity and ambiguity, and that what they are interpreting as the absurdity of human life is really the ambiguity of human existence, which allows for the creation of meaning through projects of freedom."

I hadn't heard about this absurdity/ambiguity divide before. I like the distinction as expressed above. Even though trying to concentrate on philosophic writing makes me want to smash things, I took a look at a passage of the de Beauvoir article "The Ethics of Ambiguity". (Thanks, Marxists.) I did not succeed in deriving anything more satisfying than the boiled down statement Siris gives above. So I have resolved to enjoy that and not smash anything.

We're off to watch colorful hot air balloons float around in the Albuquerque skies. If the winds calm down and the crick don't rise. We're guaranteed good chile, beautiful skies and a cousinpalooza (4 kids ages 5, 7 and 9).

Whether I neglect my blog this week or not, you should plan to visit the Domestic Sensualist, Bee's collaborative food project. Come sit in the kitchen and chat with the cooks. Both Bee and Julochka are nimble writers. I'm still trying to forgive Julochka for her refusal to capitalize, but I loved her mushroom gathering post.

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Bee said...

The description of your upcoming trip to Albuquerque sounds really wonderful. Interestingly, we have exactly the same age spread of cousins in our family. At the moment they are 15, 14, 12 and 11.

I TOTALLY agree about philosophic writing -- but do very much like the words absurdity and ambiguity. I seem to be using the word absurd a lot lately.

Thanks a lot for the support (here and there) of domestic sensualist. And btw, your description of my chickens as Seussian was inspired!