Thursday, September 17, 2009

Breathe and link

I am having to remind myself that I don’t like praliné chocolates. There are some in my line of sight as I sit at my desk. The snacky drive is strong today. Let’s see, what do I wish I was eating… rare roast beef slices with horseradish. Little radishes and salt. Pastel petits fours. Dried peaches. Pretzels. I had better stop now before I start gnawing my phone book.

Asthma diagnosis
Mulling this over after meeting with the pediatric asthma specialist Tuesday. I am having a hard time accepting that Lexi has asthma, full stop. I was okay thinking she had seasonal asthma symptoms. But simple, huge asthma is rough. I feel sad that she has asthma despite the breastfeeding, grubby house, early exposure to a pet, childcare from one year old and playing outside with dirt. I was hoping all those immune system building things would protect from that condition. But maybe inheritance trumps. Her dad has a sad tale of allergy shots for years when he was a small kid. The specialist said that the field was pretty voodoo-y at that time. So it probably didn’t do poor Nod much good (even worse).

I’m trying to be productively skeptical and not just resistant. But there is one piece of evidence that doesn’t fit with the asthma dealio. Lexi’s worst day was the morning after her fever broke. She had poor color, was listless and when we got her to the Dr.’s office we found she had a very low blood oxygen number. But no coughing. The doctor quizzed me about this. He said it would go against asthma as the diagnosis and he asked whether there could be some degree of coughing that I don’t remember because it seemed “normal”. I said that could be. But I can’t remember any coughing that morning, just ominous silence from our L. Nod agrees with me. What could give her such a reduced blood oxygen level that wasn’t pneumonia, flu or asthma? Criminy.

I am forging ahead with the inhaler and nose spray, despite this question. I’m glad to have a preventive strategy for this winter. I hope it helps a bunch. And I hope I don’t get any chance to observe any more episodes where Lexi is so sad and poorly.

Thanks to Kottke, I have now read about someone who infected himself (and continues to do so periodically) with parasitic hookworms in order to cure his asthma. (I’m guessing this person doesn’t get to share bodily fluids very often.) Here’s hoping the pharamaceutical researchers unlock that mechanism by which the hookworms suppress asthma symptoms with all speed. Shudder.

Via the polymathic Siris here’s an article about a possible technique used to create the illustrations on the Book of Kells and other illustrated manuscripts. The theory is that illustrators used stereoscopic focusing to create such precise tiny lines. (The URL reads "Kell’s Angels" Someone's having fun.)

Viking Heat. Really? Enough women buy dom/sub time travel romance novels to justify publishing this? Fascinating.

I have farmer's market okra in my crisper and just found this recipe on Homesick Texan. I'm off to make it soonest!


Bee said...

I'm really sorry to hear about the asthma situation. Bummer.

Your snack ideas have made me hungry. I'm thinking popcorn.

Nimble said...

Popcorn is almost always a good idea. I have taken to shaking parmesan cheese over mine.

The oven fried okra with bacon was great. DW was won over despite his okra skepticism.