Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Catchall

Bookslut's brief review is making me want to read this new book: War Damage by Elizabeth Wilson. And I bet the Danish will want to read it too. Sounds too racy for the public library but maybe the university library will pick it up. I'll mark my calendar for March to check.

Horrid pun that I am very fond of: Nod tells me that he is home for lunch, being frugal. I reply that he's playing his frugal-horn. So. Godawful.

I have been collecting Lexi every day at lunch and bringing her home for a dose of nebulizer medicine. Then I get her to eat a quick lunch and return her to her kindergarten class. As a bonus I saw my second grader today getting an eye test in the hallway. They really are out of room at this school. They had a little set up on one side of the hall and it seemed to be working well. Katy was concentrating on the letters while I gave her a quick head kiss and kept moving.
Lexi has an appt to see the dr. tomorrow morning and we will (fingers crossed) get the okay to stop these noontime doses. All of us are tired of the rushing. I imagine doing this for much longer and totally losing my sense of humor. Part of having a trivial job is enjoying the bliss of a lunch hour To Myself.

A spells list for professors a la D&D. An impressive list from The Little Professor, I would have this posted by my desk if I was a university instructor.

The children helped me make gingerbread two nights ago. It was the Joy of Cooking recipe, made with a stick of butter. It is spicy and fragrant and rich and wonderful. But do we (meaning I) need to eat more butter? We (see above) do not. I noticed that JoC also has a version using applesauce instead of fat. I am going to try it and we'll see whether the spices can make up for the lack of beautiful unctuous butter. I make a banana cake (recipe from Blue's Clues. Thanks for this and so much else, Steve!) that has no added fat. But I ice it with butter frosting because that makes it goooood. Also in this category, my boss brought us some pear bread she made this week. It was a no added fat loaf and it was tasty. But gritty in that pear way. So I think I'll stick to apples or prunes (yum) for my fruit substitutes. I am not renouncing butter but just exploring my options here.

Enjoy your weekend. If it's not rainy where you are and the skies are clear, please enjoy it for me. Huff, harrumph.


amenaneri said...

Does indeed sound like a tasty treat! I wanna read it too! Thank you for looking out for my twisted interests ;-)

Good work with the applesauce instead of butter idea. You might also scour vegan cookbooks/websites--they are really good and inventive with the non-butter stuff.

Bee said...

I made gingerbread twice in the past three days. It is one of my favorite things anyway, but especially good when it is September and I feel tired.