Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Return of the Neen

After Labor Day Sale
Back from the long weekend and feeling like getting reconnected. I can't spend the same amount of time on Facebook as I did over the summer but maybe I can make a weekly commitment. Now that we have a plan (bankruptcy, moving to a rental probably in March) my ambient stress levels are better. I am surprised to find that this doesn't make me want to socialize much but instead I feel hollowed out. Guess I'll watch and see what happens with the moods but am going to make some maintenance efforts anyway. Time to put some energy in to connections. So hi - I think I'm back.

A visiting university instructor asked me to open her umbrella in our copier room so it could dry. It had a composed b&w photo animal image: wolves, polar bear, grizzly and an owl on top. They're all pasted together in a way that suggests the animals sat close together for this portrait. It has a roughly triangular shape and with the owl on top it looks like it should be called Big Pile of Predators. Which I wish was a product name so I could ask, "Can you help me? I'm looking for a Big Pile of Predators".

I got to practice my worm sacrifice with the kids yesterday. We visited the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead in Overland Park Kansas. As Nod said, it was pretty much Knott's Berry Farms with no rides. It contains a petting zoo (goats), extremely clean cows, a handful of playgrounds, an Indian earth lodge and teepees, and a fish pond. For $3 you get a cane pole with a bare hook and a little bucket of nightcrawlers. With these tools you find a spot to perch and try to get an itty bitty fish to eat your worm. I found a spot in the shade and was very happy. The girls loved it. Nod and I did too. So I guess they're old enough and we should get on with this fishing thing. Lexi even lifted a fish out of the water by herself. She didn't mind that it flipped itself off the hook before we could land it. The fish we saw were about 3 or 4 inches long. Nod suggested using a wounded one as bait but as far as I could tell there was nothing in that water that would have a big enough mouth to eat it. We all got a bunch of sun and walking and it was very good family fun even though it was in full holiday spate.

Lexi had an asthma flare up after her minor virus last week. Her fever went away and I figured she'd be headed back to school but the next day -- wham -- she was droopy and pale yellow and couldn't eat or do anything. Nod wanted to take her to the ER. I convinced him to go the Dr. office route so he called and communicated his worry in such a way that they told me to bring her right in. She was a sad customer. Her oxygen levels were very low. I didn't realize that asthma could attach so quickly. I hadn't heard her wheezing but I guess it was because she was taking such shallow breaths. We were sent for a chest xray to rule out pneumonia. No pneumonia and no flu (a relief since H1N1 is happening on campus here and there in the dorms) just irritated breathing passages. So we're nebulizing 3 or 4 times a day and giving her an oral steroid too. This round has scared me a bit. I am willing to do lots of nebulizer sessions as needed. But I may have to invest in some new DVDs.


The Subtle Rudder said...

Welcome back, Nimble. Sorry about the hollow insides--I think you've had a big pile of predators working hard on emptying you out, but there will be bigger things (and better days) to fill you back up.

Bee said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Lexi's asthma problems. I hope she is better soon. I'm sure that hasn't helped the ambient stress levels (loving that phrase) much.

Oh, and can you please resume our Facebook Scrabble game if you have a moment?

(too bad the woman didn't leave her umbrella behing)

Nimble said...

Thanks TSR and Bee. Lexi's breathing easier now and full of pep. So that's a relief.

I miss our Scrabbling, Bee. I must see if I can structure some Facebook time at home. I have resolved not to open it at work during the semester. Summer's over and I have plenty of things that need to get done.