Friday, October 16, 2009


Just a few thoughts today before I flounce off to my weekend of joyful celebration. Or housecleaning, whichever seems more urgent at the time. By the way I love the mary jane wingtips I ordered! In other updates, my husband is still not declared bankrupt but I think next week is the week.Maybe.I'm going on very little information which is usually how I prefer to experience financial transactions.But perhaps I'll try and squeeze some more info out of Nod tonight.

In imitation of Belgian Waffling's analysis, this was the composition of my Thursday:
35% The sky has been grey for six days.
25% Messing around at work

10% Girl Scout cookie email composition
5% Pleased at my haul from a library visit
5% Why do I have to make dinner, see that the kids eat it, *and* clean up the kitchen?
5% Moment of family unanimity: gingerbread is good
5% The cat wants us to know that she’s Hungry hungry very hungry
1% Enjoying the book I’m reading to oldest for bedtime

5% Packing lunches, for some reason wrapping pickles took an inordinate amount of time
1% Finding the source of the infrequent leak between the upstairs bath and the downstairs bathroom. Boy I wish we’d had the funds to have that all redone.
1% Crap, I forgot to send snack for L’s kindergarten class
2% Nitrogen

My favorite grotesquely stupid webad of the day:
Your Belly is Full of Junk!
Learn the trick to removing the undigested food inside of you... 
Learn more

I can tell you that trick: wait 36 hours until it is disgested or passed. There, now you know.

The grey is making it hard for me to appreciate nature. The foliage has been brilliant colors but lots of it was knocked off by rain. I have made a point to notice the migrating seagulls this week. They circle over campus in a great gang before setting off to the northeast. Must be some good dumpsters to eat from or some parking lots to hang out in thataway. Even though I regard them as bullying scavengers it's still a thrill to see them in the sky at this time of year in great pale flocks.

I recommend What Were You Thinking's latest post about a little green God and justice and the assigning of parts for a production of A Christmas Carol.

Have a value packed weekend.


Bee said...

If only my words were jewels!

Despite my hatred of math, I'm much amused by how your Thursday broke down in terms of percentages. Very pleased that the love of gingerbread takes up 5%! (However, I'm now suffering from anxiety that The Joy of Cooking recipe is better; I do feel that I might need to do a taste-test.)

We have friends here for the weekend and I'm sure that they will be good value. We are going to see a concert tomorrow night called "Blue on Blue."

Nimble said...

Bee - no need for second guessing your cakely prowess - that was your treacle cake recipe that we were enjoying.

Hope the concert was great. Live music is a good thing.