Tuesday, October 13, 2009

March to the Disco Beat

Went to the 9 am Homecoming parade on campus last Saturday. It is a short parade: Marching band, greek floats featuring triumphant jayhawks rendered in paper/plastic, some international students toting flags, a few alum celebs and abashed scholarship kids riding in convertibles. Even toddlers can enjoy a parade that short and as a result I don't think we've missed one yet. They throw candy for the kids so my two were in greedy heaven. I love to see the marching band. I was surprised when I started leaking tears at the sight of the Alumni Band, marching just a little way behind the uniformed flock. They're so geeky and have such a good time. I scolded myself that I should celebrate them and their big smiles, not weep at them. There's even an alumni baton twirler!

I don't think I've shared the extent to which Disco has invaded our home. Katy got a "Discomania" cassette tape at a garage sale this summer and she's on track to wear it out by spring. I'm sure your heart would swell with pride if you heard her singing along with I Will Survive. Or YMCA. She likes the beat to do handstands to. She's been practicing those almost every day. And she invented a no-hands forward roll that's pretty eye catching. Are there any disco-themed cirque du soleil shows? Maybe she'll create one.

And with perfect timing I have been introduced to Mitchell and Webb. Here is a little posh dancing for the Pemberly/disco overlap.


Bee said...

Marching bands for those long past high school age seems to be a new trend. I have a friend in Austin who LOVES the marching band thing. Didn't Nod have a marching band moment in high school? I seem to recall.

I'm hearing a marching band play "I Will Survive."

Nimble said...

Oh yes, Nod was very into marching band at McCallum.

I like the idea of a marching band performance of "I Will Survive" but how do we work in the drag queens?