Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rain for Gazing

Spent part of my lunch hour looking out at the rain. It was very soothing and eye-rest-ful. I love to look at weather from inside. I can watch rain or snow through the window for quite a while. And then I might take a little nap, says my reptile brain. Because I am smart enough to come in out of the rain and wait out bad weather. And why not enjoy it if I don’t have to be wet and cold.

While gazing out today at the pattering random raindrop splashes I also took in the autumn foliage, the roof opposite and the passing students. The building opposite is a limestone faced rectangular solid. It hasn't got much to recommend it except for that mellow outer husk. But I was mostly admiring the roof’s crowd of HVAC tubes, huts and towers. There’s a weather spinner (anemometer) up there too. Despite some stiff web searching I can't find a website for on-campus weather info gathering. I must be missing something. Surely those atmospheric researchers want to share with us? The students going by didn’t look too upset by the rain. But all those flip flops and sodden unhemmed pants cuffs made my feet feel cold in sympathy. Inside the building where I sat, I listened to the stomp and squeak of undergraduate feet going up and down stairs. (There was at least one pair of graduate feet in there too. Hi Rich!)

I will be home with the kids tomorrow as the season of frequent school closings is upon us. I have squared it with work so I am looking forward to it now. I might even get some cleaning done. (I guess I make statements like that in the hopes that optimism will carry me all the way to accomplishment.) I wonder if Katy will be unbearable. It seems like unstructured time at home leaves her feeling at a loss and she takes it out on us. And it'll probably be raining -- my unease grows apace. I think I will make a list of things for us to do. It will include "make fairy wings" for Lexi's costume. After some vigorous dithering about Halloween costumes, she wants to be a flower fairy. I was throwing up my hands about wings but have since googled the DIY offerings to be had. Coat hangers and tights seem to be the way to go. Secure the wire ends with duct tape, use ribbons to tie on to the kid, and glue and glitter to decorate. I'm kind of excited about trying this now. (The yen to craft cute unnecessary things is upon me. Stand back!) I wonder how efficient I was about throwing out my old tights...

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Bee said...

Cherish the flower fairy days . . . even if they include the odd bent wire hanger.

I, too, much prefer the inside view of rain.