Thursday, October 8, 2009


'Sweating like a whore in church' is my new favorite saying. Thank you Go Fug Yourself for that little nugget of culture. And plenty of thanks to those Fug Girls for hours of hooting. I think my San Franciscan friend Lash would enjoy the whore saying. He's the one who enjoys particularly bloody catholic illustrations. He also told me about the tradition of buying a figurine of St. Whoever and entreating him/her to help you out. Then to provide more leverage, you threaten to hang their figurine upside down in a dark closet if help is not promptly forthcoming.

NM Report
The hot air balloons were great one day, we missed the second day and got rained out a third. Lots of good vacay stuff happened in New Mexico. Unfortunately my husband spent the entire time with a cold that varied from slight to miserable. Good thing he had a few days upright and mobile. Got to visit with a lovely h.s. friend who has a two year old. We had a nice chat while my girls played with her adorable smiley toddler. Nice to know someone who had their kid even later than I did! She's as gentle and genuine as I remembered.

We drove up the Jemez road and Nod fell in love with Jemez Springs. It was a beautiful afternoon looking at the cottonwoods turning golden in the valley below the red canyon walls. Had just a few minutes at the totally cool Jemez Pueblo Culture center. I hope we can go back for a tour and hike some time.

Beware the Belt Loop
Jonniker startles her baby in a new way...
Incidentally, I neglected to mention the other day that before I started using a belt to keep my pants up, I was rushing to get Sam from a nap, and the woefully unused belt loop of my pants got caught on our stupid door handles, and I hit the floor face-down, RIPPING MY PANTS OFF IN THE PROCESS. My pants, they just WHOOSH! Right down around the ankles and my face! RIGHT DOWN onto the floor. And the kid, she just SCREAMED! OMFG! AND SCREAMED! Because one second I was there to rescue her! And the next second I just VANISHED! VANISHED, like some sort of PANTSLESS APPARITION.
Love her.

Uncomfy Update
Yesterday Katy had a playdate and went home after school with a neighbor kid. When I picked her up I found that she had announced that we are moving. I was pretty speechless. Our neighbor, a very nice woman I met in my moms' group four years ago, asked whether we had an offer on the house. I just shook my head and goldfished (mouth silently opening and closing) for a moment. Then I said, "It's still up in the air." I've considered calling her back or emailing with an explanation. But I don't know if that's kind or just oversharing when things are so murky. It's awkward. More awkward than meeting your partner's fling's partner, that's for sure. I thought that was tricky but I was so naive.

When we went to the co-housing potluck we told the kids that we were thinking about moving and that this place was a possibility. I trusted to child vagueness about timelines and future events and forgot that Katy might take that info and run with it. Well, brave new world, here we go. We'll make it up as we go along as usual.

Today I used the $50 gift certificate I got for having my cholesterol tested (the state wants me to leverage my health or something) on Zappos. So in the end I'm paying $20 for these in cognac. If you hate them don't tell me.


Anne Marie said...

I'm so glad you had a nice NM vacation. Are you taking one over Christmas, by any chance? I should be a newly-minted auntie as of 12/14, so I will be there with baby presents and auntie goodness galore! Hoping you will be too. Glad you had a nice visit with AT (assuming that's who that was). Haven't seen her in ages either.

Sweetie, just because people know you may be moving doesn't mean they know about any of the possibly embarassing reasons why, which are none of their business anyway. People move for all sorts of could just be looking for more of a child raising community, or better air, etc...

Have you watched The Wire? Oh. My. God. Is it ever a great show! We just finished season 4 and it broke my heart and at the same time was totally fulfilling. Highly recommended Netflix idea.

Our 10th anniversary is coming up, can't believe so long!

Love you,
The Danish

Nimble said...

Thanks for the love, AM the D. Nope -- we won't be coming for xmas. Sorry to say. I will think of you being auntie in lovely SFe then. We'll be seeing what our process is doing and planning for a move. And saving hand over fist, hopefully.

Happy anniversary!! AT, yes it was she, was reminiscing about your wedding fondly. As we all do because it was totally fun for the guests. She said she still wants to throw a big "we got married" party but hadn't found the right moment yet. I encouraged her, I hope she can make it go.

Bee said...

I forgot what I was going to say . . . because I spent way too much time over at Go Fug Yourself.

(I don't recognize most of those people. I've clearly been away from the U.S. far too long.)

Nimble said...

Oh I'm very fond of those Fug Girls. And I don't recognize half of those B listers either. I think you have to watch American Idol and the Disney Channel if you want to be entirely up to date. Spare me!