Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Report

My lovingly hand crafted fairy wings are progressing and looking pretty good. Lexi was unable to imagine how 2 hangers and a pair of tights would be at all useful to a fairy. But she was convinced once I got it all together. Decorating continues...

I also sewed a sailor suit for Katy's monkey -- a prop for her Pippi Longstocking costume. I got pretty tired of dressing the monkey but I figure it's probably the only time she'll ask me to do that particular job. I am trying to remember to soak it up.

Finished Nigel Slater's Eating for England which I soldiered through even though it's really only for those who were raised on English biscuits. I enjoyed bits and it's written in tiny little (less than a page mostly!) squibs perfect for before-sleep reading. Nigel did teach me the word "anorak" which I take it now is a synonym for "crackpot" as well as a puffy winter coat.

Also finished Jean Webster's Daddy Long-Legs (1912) this weekend. I'd seen the film with Fred Astaire and the dreamy Leslie Caron. I remember liking the movie even as I felt some distaste when the benefactor commences to romance his ward. The book is a little less ooky but not ook-free as the power politics remain the same. But it's a jolly little epistolary novel. The orphanage (asylum) is fascinating and the thinly disguised Vassar college descriptions are wonderful. A good use of my Saturday morning. Then I got off my hams and raked four bags of leaves.

Nod came to church on Sunday, he couldn't face it last week because it was [ominous music here] Consecration Sunday. That's when they try and pin you down and get you to make a financial pledge to support the church. This church doesn't like to ask for money. Well, they have an offering plate every Sunday. Other than that, to my surprise, we were never before asked about money. Even when we officially joined the church. They can't bear to do it more than once a year I guess. Very interesting. I told Nod that I was quite intrigued to see how it was done. But he wouldn't come be a participant-observer with me. Didn't like the impression of being rounded up like cattle for the branding iron. I think it made him mad that he couldn't afford to give much too. As far as that goes, I just figured that they can't get blood from a turnip. I'm not embarrassed about that. Maybe we'll be less turnip-y in the years to come who knows. They sweetened the pot by providing a catered lunch. It was fine but mostly featured me haranguing the girls to eat something nutritious before they attacked the dessert table. I am resolved to speak to three people every time I go to church. It's too easy to sit with the kids and be an island. Une ile flottante no doubt.


The Subtle Rudder said...

I loved Daddy Long-Legs as a girl. Not sure what this says about my romantic expectations. I'm sure it contributed to some of the fairy tale angst that's kept me single and confused for lo these many years. But I also had a fairly steady diet of "women hold up half the sky" second-wave feminist empowerment. So who know...Great little wish-fulfiller, my dim distant memory, at least.

Nimble said...

TSR I was charmed. And as escapist fantasy who would want to resist bouquets of rosebuds from one's anonymous benefactor? Or the ascent from orphanage to independent adult and published author?

Bee said...

An "anorak" is definitely someone who walks on the geeky side of life. Usually someone who has an obsessive interest in select subjects. Another synonym would be "train-spotter."

One of my mother's friends died last week, and yesterday we had a long conversation talking about the funeral. One of the things my mom said about her friend (getting to the point) is that she LOVED befriending new people in the church. It's so hard to do that, isn't it? We need more of those kindly and interesting people in the world.

Nimble said...

Bee - Yes, I am glad there are those who positively enjoy striking up conversations with the newbies. So many of us are self conscious and reticent.