Monday, November 16, 2009

Assorted nuts

I'm happy that it's assorted nut season and we have our nutcracker and picks out.(What?)

Things that are working. My husband fixed the dripping kitchen faucet this weekend. And he figured out how to make the DVD/VCR work. We’d been reduced to just a DVD player after our DVD/VCR fell off the top of the TV and landed on the VCR side a few months ago. The VCR hasn’t worked since. Our tape of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the old Gene Wilder one) is still in there, trapped. Now we can pry it out at our leisure as we are using the new device for entertainment. That is, the new region free DVD/VCR player. My Stephen Fry America DVDs await me!

Bangkok 8 by John Burdett is a wonderful book. Police procedural with lots of Thai Buddhism.

Misery of the moment. Our upstairs bathroom needs new everything, no exaggeration. The old tub is nice and long and the plumbing works okay. But between window, floor, ceiling, tiled wall and fixtures -- it’s a tear down. We got a proper estimate for renovation two years ago. But it was clear that we had no way to act on the $16K estimate we received. So I caulked and prayed. And it held. Until now. Last Saturday my daughter and I noticed a thin stream of water coming down the wall below the bathroom, while my husband took a shower. After looking at the spot where the caulk and the grout are giving way I don't think that caulk will be enough to stop the water. Yesterday I duct taped a piece of shower curtain over the leaky area. It is working. This is sad.

The snow came down in a hurry this noon. We're supposed to get more tonight but the temps should stay above freezing and keep the roads okay.


Bee said...

The only nuts in shells I like are pistachios. I'm too greedy for nuts to bother with cracking them.

Sorry to hear about the bathroom, but I feel proud of your making-do skills.

Shall I send more DVDs then?

Nimble said...

Bee, now I want to give you a cocktail and a bowl of nuts and see how many you eat. It can be fiddly to pick them from the shell. But I like the architecture of taking them apart. Fruit too, dismantling a pomegranate gives me great pleasure.

Nimble said...

Oh and you're too kind to offer to send DVDs. Please send me recommendations and I'll hunt them down. That makes me think that there ought to be an equivalent term to "well read" for movies.