Monday, November 30, 2009

Harness the Team

Tuning in. Static. Static. Faint voices. And here we are again. I am trying to decide where I’m at so maybe posting in the ether will help to orient me. I miss everyone but not in a bad way, just in a few days away way. Here I am!

First the pitiful part including ooky details of my viral woes. Not one but two antibiotics are coursing through my system and trying to eradicate the arginfargin sinus/ear infection that I finally developed last week. I can’t hear anything at all through my right ear. Which is an improvement from when it was very swollen and I spent most of the night listening to my pulse. The next day the eardrum ruptured which is not as drastic as it sounds (I hope) and I heard random squeaks and bubbles as the pressure equalized. I believe that my eardrum is healing and that I will be able to hear through it again. Still waiting though. I have enough energy to go to work and be productive despite my doubts on Saturday. Come on Zithromax and Levaquin! I imagine them as draft horses yoked together, pulling my wagon out of a sticky viral swamp. Heeyup! Let’s go!

And that made me look up horse drawn things. The annual horse drawn wagon parade is this Saturday in town. But if you find yourself in Anchorage I think you should see if you can arrange for a sleigh ride with this outfit

Having only one good ear is different. I am learning to point my left ear at whatever I need to hear. The children aren’t tired of repeating themselves yet. (After all they’re very good at that.) Hoping for more hearing in a couple of weeks.

Since I was dizzy and puny on Thursday Nod made the executive decision that we wouldn’t try to make our feast that day. I was proud that I finished the cranberries and the pie but it was true that I didn’t really look forward to wrassling the bird. We went out for Mongolian barbecue instead which seemed pleasingly unpredictable. The food was delish and we were by no means the only patrons. As I looked at the other folks I wished I had a clipboard and could go around to each table and ask, “So what brought you here on Thanksgiving?”

Actually cooking everything the next day was not much fun. I was dizzy and tired again by the time I got to the finish line. But it was delicious. In fact I am coveting my turkey leftovers right now.  Many thanks to Bee for sharing Nigella Lawson’s pie crust recipe. After resisting Bee’s superior baking experience for far too long, this recipe has finally convinced me that half butter, half Crisco is a good thing. Nigella adds the juice of one orange which struck me as quite a variable amount depending on your orange's size and juiciness. (I was happy to be confirmed right as I needed to add some ice water as well to get my dough wet enough) When I tasted the dough I thought it needed more salt. But the finished product was perfect. My advice is to put your Crisco in the freezer in the morning. It never gets all the way hard like butter so you can still cut it into chunks. I have one more crust that I’ll use to make some apple pie one of these days. Which reminds me: I once had an idyllic apple orchard experience picking Rome apples in northern New Mexico. They were perfect, crisp and fragrant. But grocery store Rome apples tend toward the mealy. So I will remember from now on: don’t buy Rome apples except pick-your-own.

The children did pretty well with five or six (Lexi was home sick Tues.) unstructured days and a very puny mother. There was lots of drawing and cutting out. Yesterday Lexi created a cutout castle with herself as princess, a royal cat and three servants with fans. There was a certain amount of poking at each other and screeching but not much. Nod took both girls out to sell girl scout cookies on the last warm day. Orders are due tomorrow and I never was well enough to walk around with them. I should have remembered that Nod with all his sales knowledge would be excited to help. Lexi went around one block and then she was done, but Katy and her dad stayed out for two hours. He was exhausted at that point. K was hungry but insisted that she could sell some more. We admired her youthful ambition.

And that’s enough to start. Glad to be back. Hope to feel more completely here as time goes on.

Wait! One more link:  artist Peter Funch's simultaneous photos. I saw some of these a while back but didn't really get it. He took lots of photos of the same pedestrian intersection and then edited them together. Scroll through to see the themes in each photo. Everyone is wearing white or has a yellow envelope or is in midair or is a child. The shifty eyed one is a hoot. What good art.


Lucy said...

Sounds like you did OK. I'd love to try Mongolian barbecue...

Get well soon!

Bee said...

I wish that you HAD interviewed everyone at the Mongolian barbeque. I always like hearing about people who don't do the traditional bit.

Sorry that you've been feeling so yuck. 'Tis the season, it seems.

You know, I only use Nigella's recipe for small mince pies. I use the Algonquin recipe for other pies. They are similar in that they use the half butter/half Crisco combo. Many, many pastry people swear by this combo -- and as you know, I do, too. We don't eat much Crisco, so I don't feel guilty about it at all.

Nimble said...

Hi Lucy: Thanks -- I *am* feeling better finally. Such a nice surprise to have some energy.

Hi Bee: Well, I thought it might be a mince only crust recipe but it worked beautifully for pumpkin pie. Have you linked the Algonquin crust recipe? I'll see if I can find it.

twebsterarmstrong said...

I just happened on to your blog, and was skimming...and realized I was at that very horse drawn wagon parade on Saturday! (We live near Manhattan.)