Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hot Cha

I have been trying to get my girl scout camping reflections in order. I'll post that next week even though good behavior reigned and no one was frightened by a bear.

Today took the cat and her goopy ear to the vet. Glad to get her seen and treated. Sorry to get the bill. Feeling small and in the red today. Zing is exhausted and quite a limp little nine pound bundle. She's gained two pounds since August. I limit her food and I don't think she's too fat right now.

After Nod was done with work we went for a walk up the river on a trail I hadn't seen before. We all had a good time on the winding path. Lexi liked running up and down the small rises while flapping her arms. Saw the river, trees, birds and plenty of other walkers and bikers. Also a fine assortment of dead animals. Not sure what kind of karma that was but we were interested to see the carcasses of a mole, oppossum and snake. Also Nod and Katy pointed out the remains of a wagon wheel partially visible on the side of the riverbank. And then we saw a second one further on. I wished I had a pioneer/wagon wheel specialist in my pocket to tell us about them.

Katy's been listening to my TMBG Flood CD. I've had to limit her playing it already because tho I love it there's only so many times I can listen to "Whistling in the Dark" in a row. But I'm glad she likes it. Tonight she told me she liked the "Hot Cha" lyric about him leaving while the bathtub overflowed, "stereo on and cooking bacon". That one tickles my brain that too.


The Subtle Rudder said...

I took a running tally of dead animals on the road from Lincoln to KC yesterday: tons of littles, more than 10 deer, and one very rigor-mortised black steer on his side, with his 4 legs sticking straight out.

If you guys are ever in Lincoln (you know, on dirtcheap fun-filled weekend getaway), I'll take you out to the prairie with my dad and let him tell you all about every grass, erosion mark, and wagon rut we see.

Nimble said...

TSR What an offer! Your dad does sound like the expert guide to the wide open prairie. If we are headed that way (not impossible) I will let you know.

If we had seen a steer with its legs sticking out it would have dominated conversation with our kids for weeks.